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  1. Is windowsdeal.com a legitimate/safe place to purchase EIS? http://www.windowsdeal.com/w/emsisoft-internet-security-discount-coupon-code/
  2. If I remember your other topic correctly, and I don't always, wasn't it mentioned that if you change your network to public that your ports would be stealthed?
  3. Sorry for the delay. I had to wait for it to happen again. 1. The start menu tile loses its naming and the shortcut now points to users -> chris -> appdata -> roaming ->...->a2guard. Previously, it pointed towards program data -> ... -> a2start (Emsisoft Internet Security). 2. At the app screen, the tile is missing from the index, 'Emsisoft Internet Security'. The tile has moved and is now indexed under 'E' and points towards a2guard (Emsisoft Internet Security Guard). The tile on the start screen no longer opens the gui since it now points towards a2guard. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. It's really no big deal, just a nuisance.
  4. It seems, for no reason that I can find, that a shortcut created in appdata/roaming breaks my start menu shortcut for EIS. Not sure why the shortcut for Emsisoft Internet Security Guard is created but when it appears, the EIS shortcut no longer works. I have deleted Emsisoft Internet Security Guard in appdata/roaming several times but it keeps reappearing. Any suggestions? Please see attached.
  5. My thoughts were to switch for both speed and security. You know why I ask questions here? Because you guys and gals are awesome. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Do you folks recommend using the DNS service provided by your ISP or is it advisable to switch to something like OpenDNS or one of the other DNS service providers? Pros and Cons? Thanks
  7. I wanted to go back in and delete this but couldn't. This should not be interpreted that a rule should be added. It's just an observation.
  8. Yes, my rules look the same. Fabian's point is spot on. He is pretty good at coming up with great answers that are easy to understand. It doesn't appear like there is a global rule that allows icmp out on a public network.
  9. I ran ping and tracert and both completed as they should. My global packet rules are at default. Have you removed Online Armor?
  10. http://support.emsisoft.com/forum/23-changelogs/ The change log is not showing the correct information. Version is the current version. I posted this here because I can not post in the change log section of the forum. Version Runs On: Win XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Released: 12/31/2014
  11. Under what circumstances would you use this? You already have ask under the firewall automatic rules settings. It would make sense if there was an allow once or block once option but there isn't. Why would anyone go into a custom rule and select ask then when the program runs they are only given four options which boil down to allow and block. Once a person selects one of these four options, the action changes from ask to, either, allow or block depending on what the user selected. This turns it into a one-time deal at which time a person is not asked again.
  12. Hi hjlbx, What is AMN short for? I don't have any behavior blocker notifications regarding IE when paranoid mode is activated. Do you have any toolbars, etc. installed?
  13. While creating a custom rule, what is the purpose of 'Ask' in the firewall actions? Is there an 'Allow once' and 'Block once' option? Please see attached.
  14. I had tried Gibson research port scanner one time a while back and port 443 was not stealthed. I tried this with both private and public option. Which scanners have you tried? Edit: Just tried it again and everything is stealthy.
  15. Running good after the new update. Thanks for the quick fix. I appreciate it.
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