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  1. Sorry for the delay. I had to wait for it to happen again.


    1. The start menu tile loses its naming and the shortcut now points to users -> chris -> appdata -> roaming ->...->a2guard. Previously, it pointed towards program data -> ... -> a2start (Emsisoft Internet Security).

    2. At the app screen, the tile is missing from the index, 'Emsisoft Internet Security'. The tile has moved and is now indexed under 'E' and points towards a2guard (Emsisoft Internet Security Guard).


    The tile on the start screen no longer opens the gui since it now points towards a2guard.


    I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. It's really no big deal, just a nuisance.





  2. It seems, for no reason that I can find, that a shortcut created in appdata/roaming breaks my start menu shortcut for EIS. Not sure why the shortcut for Emsisoft Internet Security Guard is created but when it appears, the EIS shortcut no longer works. I have deleted Emsisoft Internet Security Guard in appdata/roaming several times but it keeps reappearing.


    Any suggestions?


    Please see attached.




  3. Yes, once I realized that EIS had changed I uninstalled both EAM and OA and installed the EIS. Are you saying that your rules screen shows the same as mine? Thanks.

    Yes, my rules look the same.


    Fabian's point is spot on. He is pretty good at coming up with great answers that are easy to understand.


    It doesn't appear like there is a global rule that allows icmp out on a public network.



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  4. Under what circumstances would you use this? You already have ask under the firewall automatic rules settings. It would make sense if there was an allow once or block once option but there isn't.


    Why would anyone go into a custom rule and select ask then when the program runs they are only given four options which boil down to allow and block. Once a person selects one of these four options, the action changes from ask to, either, allow or block depending on what the user selected. This turns it into a one-time deal at which time a person is not asked again.


  5. Blue screen and continuous restarts after new update. See attached.


    Not happy with this!! The only way to get to my desktop was in safe mode.


    Please add separate options for program updates and signature updates. I want to be able to install a program update manually. Once again, I had to uninstall EIS and install a different product. Losing trust here. 



  6. This is a discussion to be had between the directors of Effitas and Emsisoft. I have shown Emsisoft to be honourable and ethical. Leave the discussions to board members please. We don't post in Wilders due to their founders brothers association with hate crimes and being banned from entering the UK under anti terror laws.

    I am a member here so please don't act like you are a mod. If this discussion is to be had between directors of Emsisoft and Effitas then why are you spouting off in a public forum?

  7. Not very impressed by the use of this forum, which is not yours, to make threats regarding comments on a completely different forum.

    On one hand, Emsisoft dropped out of the tests and the other hand, all formal business relations were terminated. Versions sound a bit different.

  8. File not properly quarantined.


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Turn off file guard protection. Fileguard detects the program as Trojan.Generic.KDV.715285 (B)

    2. Download autosandboxme2 from -> hxxp://public.avast.com/dev/autosandboxme2.exe. If allowed to run, this program copies a text file to the root drive and adds a run key to the registry.

    3. Run autosandboxme2

    4. Program is verified as dangerous by the Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network. (see attached)

    5. Emsisoft has detected suspicious behavior and the Anti-Malware Network has confirmed that suspicion. (see attached)

    6. The file has been quarantined. No further action is required. (see attached)


    The problem? The file has not been quarantined. It is still sitting on my desktop and nothing is in quarantine.






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