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  1. I was unable to uninstall Emsisoft anti Malware, (doing so via instruction by support because I was unable to activate fileguard). I attempted to uninstall the program and rebooted, I got a BSOD and had to run windows repair which failed, but upon rebooting it was fine. Now Online Armor did not work, and Emsisoft Anti Malware was running just fine. I tried to uninstall EMAW and I got an error message that said something like unable to uninstall unins000.msg is missing. I can't repair it in the control panel programs option, a nd I couldn't reinstall to another directory either as it detects it on my system. Now I have a semi faulty antivirus program that windows doesn't show in the program list, and I need to uninstall/reinstall it. What can I do?
  2. Hello, I am using the internet on the same connection (same router, both using LAN) as my room mate, he could not care less about computer security, and when I talked him into running a hitmanpro3 scan (he was not willing to download a suite, and i was only able to convince him to run this because it was one click) it came up with multiple trojans and nasty stuff. He downloads games and torrents and saves them on his computer with scanning. I am using Emsisoft antimalware, but am I at risk somehow? Can the trojans jump onto my computer via the network somehow? Is it possible to use a firewall to be safe? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am wondering how can we check if active connections in the firewall status window are potentially suspicious or dangerous? I run Skype from Thailand, and I am getting an outbound connection to Luxembourg. Chrome.exe/TCP is green and has a USA IP (I assume this is just the IP of the sites I am browsing?) How about inbound connections, are these only when programs need to update or upload something online? If so, it seems like it would be best to disable all inbound connections and then make exceptions when needed. I just did not find a good explanation of these topics, thank you!
  4. Hello, I am unable to activate the file guard. If I click the settings in the security status page to turn on the file guard, it ticks, then flashes and immediately unticks. Enable all guards doesn't turn it on either. Thanks.
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