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    Beta testing new OS's (Linux Mint included) & security apps. It sometimes can be a rocky ride, but someone has to do it & due to my being disabled, it helps me to focus on other things than my severe medical issues.

    Have been married for 25 years, to my first love, who has stuck by me through much thick & thin.

    Have been disabled since 2006 & would like to learn a new career in virus/malware removal, which is something that I do for close relatives & friends for free anyway, as well as other repairs. What I have learned, wasn't in a classroom, but by the School of Hard Knocks, by endless Google searches & digging through tech forums. And every once in a while, I'm not ashamed to ask for assistance. We all learned to crawl before we walked, this is no different.

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  1. I find V8 to be lighter also. Vista in itself tends to a rather heavy OS, requiring much more resources than Windows 7/8 & even XP. I have the OS installed for testing purposes on the same machine as Win 7 & 8 (all 64 bit). Once in a while, I also find the a2service.exe to use excessive resources, however it's brief & hasn't given me reason to be concerned. Any security app worth having will have some spikes that will level out, provided all is normal with the machine. Cat
  2. Nick, I'm all with you on that! A lot of hassle & who knows what will & won't work with frequent releases? I prefer a steady security product that stays current with new threats that arises daily, which Emsisoft does a great job of. Cat
  3. This is what separates the good & not so good security choices. EAM does nag me a bit, however it's for my own good & view it as such. I don't like to create many rules (whitelist) with my security, because in doing so, one can be exploited. Given the environment that you're in, I highly advise you to continue to run EAM & MBAM Pro (I use both of these), & keep your OA Firewall activated. When my stepson lived with us in the early 2000's, he wouldn't run security, he wouldn't update Windows or his browser, stating that it made his computer run slowly (he's stiil this way to this day). At that time, we were on Time Warner Cable & neighbors were getting infected, these were traced to our IP address & our internet service was suspended right then. Of course, that didn't stop him, he bought a high powered wi-fi anteena & piggybacked off whoever he could & got at least one of them in hot water. This is a serious matter, only after he moved out, was our internet service restored. I realize that you're well protected, however there's major issues with sharing an Internet connection with one who is not only infected, but also visits seedy sites. If the IP is easygoing, they'll simply disconnect the service after a warning or two. It's the downloading of torrented software that may or may not be legal that would concern me. This could become costly, if for no other reason, paying an attorney to prove your innocence. If you can swing it, it would be good to have your own IP, with WPA2-PSK security behind your router & keep your passphrase to yourself. Or go with a cell based IP, there are a select few who allows unlimited access for as little as $40 monthly. It may seem expensive, however it's far less costly than having to bail yourself out of a legal mess. Cat
  4. Thanks a lot Christian! Found a decent backup that was fairly new, but it was before EAM was installed. All is fine, once I seen that it was, I reinstalled EAM. I tried a more recent backup, the OS didn't run well, may have had to do with that bad drive, or the backup itself. Windows 7 is kind of iffy at times when it comes to restoring to another drive. It's a crap shoot at best. I'd like to pin it on the backup/cloning software, but I can't. Have three paid versions of different brands, same results. Fortunately, that's not an issue with Windows 8. However, the AV/AM protection that's inbuilt (Windows Defender) is crap. I turned it off, & am running solely with EAM & MBAM Pro on this computer (both Win 7 & . Have checked behind with ESET's online scanner, all is clean. EAM is the best & AV/AM combo that I've used, & I've been around the block with this. Hopefully come renewal time, I can have the total package on all three of my main computers (EAM w/the Firewall package). Outstanding protection & easy on resources. Cat
  5. I installed EAM on 03/31/13 and have had some hard drive issues. Need to reinstall, but want to make sure that I won't lose my license of EAM in doing so. This wasn't purchased direct from EAM, but was a plain wrapper package from Newegg, but still had to activate through Emsisoft. It's still EAM, regardless of where purchased. There is currently 350 days left on the license. If I need to contact EAM via the link on the program, please advise. Many Thanks for any answers provided. Cat
  6. That's what I do, have been keeping one Emsisoft Emergency Kit updated at least 2x weekly on a 4GB Flash drive. There are other files there, but not too many to keep the databases updated. I keep it updated because I use it on my OS's where Emsisoft Anti Malware isn't installed on a weekly basis. There's no such thing as any Windows security solution 100% accurate when it comes to protection, the Emergency Kit no exception to that rule. However, it's found things that the installed AV/IS solution + other online scanners has missed. There were a couple of false positives, but the majority were true threats. Having a Emsisoft Emergency Kit updated on a Flash drive isn't a substitute for running a AV/IS solution, it's for the times when bad code slips by one's main protection. Also, it's good practice to run the Emergency Kit on a new computer or a fresh install/reinstall, once the computer is fully updated & programs/apps installed. That way, one has assurance that they're beginning with a clean computer. I've recommended this tool, as well as running Emsisoft Anti Malware, to most anyone that I've assisted on fourms pertaining security issues & new installs. Just grabbed 2 copies of EAM (1 year) from Newegg for $10 each. I carry the Flash drive with the Emergency Kit most everywhere I go, there's many other tools on it to assist those in need. Cat
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