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  1. My computer it's OK all things are good... Yessss...... with my most sincere thanks I am going to donate. Many many thanks and good week end..see you soon may be!!!
  2. I understand now.... thank you very much for yours explications!!!!
  3. Hello Mister, The news logs/ Iam not sure I have understand what do you want sorry!!!! but Many thanks..
  4. the button RUNFIX it is the same thing of the button CORRECTION because I don't have the button RUNFIX but simply the button CORRECTION on OTL.exe
  5. Bonjour monsieur je vous fais parvenir les 2 nouveaux logs concernant le virus: Adware.MSIL.Agent.AMN (A) avec EEk et OTL. je vous remercie pour votre aide thank you so lot Valery.
  6. Hello Mister, Thank you very much for your help assistance as you asked to send you 2 logs. With my sinceres thanks for your help assistance Valery. I am sorry for my English.
  7. hello everybody, I'am not a good english language (I'am french) but in my PC I see this adware:Adware.MSIL.Agent.AMN (A) and it's impossible to remove. Please help me to remove this virus. Thank you so lot Valery. PS/ si vous parlez francais ce serait parfait pour moi avec tous mes remerciements.
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