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  1. Ok Thank you, It is time to retire this computer. I haven't had any issues with the virtual memory until my initial problem (Shut down taking long time). Since neither of them can be fixed sufficiently it is time to move on. Thank you for all of your attempts to fix this. I am sorry to have wasted your time. Issue is still there after many days and no resolution available. Thank you, No need to reply to this message.
  2. OK, Virtual Memory Drive C:\ 9410MB Space Available Initial Size (minimum) 3070MB MAX Size 4096MB These Initial & MAX sizes are adjustable Also Paging File Size is set to 3070MB Thank you,
  3. I guess not. That has been that issue I have been looking to get fixed since the beginning of this post. (That and the "Virtual Memory Low Error). Seems like I am still at that same spot I was when I posted this thread 16 days ago. Guess I will have to look elsewhere to resolve this. Thank you anyway.
  4. OK. That stopped realplayer from launching on startup. Thank you. Still perplexed by the fact that it still takes 10 minutes (literally) before it will shut down using Start Menu, Shut down. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
  5. I am currently running OTL and it has frozen during "KILLING PROCESSES - DO NOT INTERRUPT". What should I do. It has been at least 15 minutes. Help! lol Thanks
  6. Ok, fixed the registry. But it still autolaunches Realplayer on bootup. Have some other items that are in the bottom right corner quicklaunch area that I don't know if I need. Dell Quickset Secure Delivery some magnifying glass that says indexing complete. Video appears a little better, still getting the Virtual Memory Low error after about 5 minutes. It also looks like I have a lot of processes running that could be chewing stuff up. What do you think? Or should I be getting help somewhere else??? Thank you.
  7. Still running horrible. Still won't shut off without manual help. Video is better. Real play launches everytime I start up also. How can I remove this from startup? What things do I need during startup? Maybe it is time to retire this old girl!
  8. Also my computer is having script errors when I am trying to view webpages in Firefox. I ran Combo-Fix and have attached the log. Please help. Not getting better.
  9. OK. I ran it in Safe Mode. It took an EXTREMELY long amount of time to finish. There were a bunch of strings Here is the OTL after this was completed.
  10. It is still not powering off (except manually). I keep getting a virtual memory low error, even after I adjusted the level to maximum space. (After using Firefox for 10 minutes). Not sure if does the same thing with IE but Im sure it would. I ran the kavich from c:\\. Should I try it in SAFE mode with MS-Dos prompt?
  11. Yes I am still here. Sorry, thought I had sent the OTL log. Here it is. Still the same.
  12. I deleted the empty folder and the zip file and am re-running klstreamremover and will send new OTL log.
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