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  1. !E2 has infected my other computer. I cannot log on to the Internet to download the Emergency Kit or the OLT. Error messages say plc4.dll & smime.dll are missing. Windows search for solution says msvcr100.dll is the problem. I understand Emsisoft is looking into this !E2 situation at the moment (?). So I should just be patient?
  2. I have had these Trojans (java ?) for days now. Appropriate attachments included
  3. Hello every one,

    It is obvious I need to find time to read ALL of the details and common courtesies of being a member of your forum.

    Now to show how uninformed I am, what is the EAM section?

  4. If I delete the list of Malware currently in my "Quarantine List" will that make my computer susceptible to any of them again? Should I 'Submit file' & Delete - 'Submit file' & Leave it alone - 'Delete', or Nothing? I am certain there are very clear instructions somewhere - that I haven't found yet. Thank you for your (hopefully) understanding.
  5. I just received an e-mail about the release of HiJackFree 4.5. Having Anti-Malware 5.0 that has version 4.0 of this program as part of the package, should I be able to just download the file - install it anywhere - and everything is a go? spander