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  1. I did a clean install of Windows 10, and i deactivated Smart Screen filter for apps and files , then W10 showed a message before running BB_test, i checked "dont show this message again etc" and then there was an alert from EAM for this file BB_test. I activated Smart Screen filter for apps and archives again in W Defender Security Center and this time EAM still alerts when running BB_test , unlike before. So i think its working fine for me now. btw, happy new year for everyone!
  2. Check these news, a couple of days ago Starbucks Miner
  3. I installed other programs and Behavior Blocker shows a message or alert during installation as usual. Could it be that only with that particular file , BB_test, it doesnt or Smart Screen shows a message first?
  4. i reinstalled again , as you suggested me , but i tried again with that batch file and no alerts from BBlocker. I think i should install windows again, and then if any error occurs ill let you know. Thank you!
  5. I was looking into Event Viewer , and now i remember that after Windows installation i made a mistake and deleted one User Account, possibly a Windows one (S-1-5-21) but because i though it was an old User account from W8.1 that i used to start session. And then the error, and thats why i made system restore, i couldnt remember this detail before, dont know if its of interest.
  6. I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times since friday. Are there any other logs of importance in EAM folder?
  7. ok done, thank you! Forensics_171212-120251.txt
  8. yes i did, but no alerts from BBlocker, i reinstalled EAM now it says "security product state on", error messages are gone, but a set "show alert" on BBlocker and nothing.
  9. Yes i did that, only Smart Screen shows a notification. No notification from Behavior Blocker
  10. Hi: Today i installed Windows 10 Home on my old desktop PC. I updated from Windows 8.1 to see how it works with this ensemble, everything went fine. Except that , after a new EAM install , i had a message with a2hooks.dll error and behaviour blocker was not functioning, it was right in settings but only Smart Screen showed a message . I performed one of those recovery options, so i could install Win 10 again and EAM as well with a new installer. And now a2hooks.dll error message is gone , but in Event Viewer i can see a lot of Error messages for "EAM Error updating Security_product_state_on" or so, BB doesnt show alerts. I dont know what might have occurred during installation, thank you in advance
  11. No problems migrating on Windows 10 and no need for computer restart. But on Windows 8.1 , had to uninstall EIS and install EAM, because it was hang on : " waiting for a service to start.." and never completed the merge.
  12. Thank you, now my laptop its working fine, if it does the same again, wich i think it did after an update, ill open a new question here.
  13. right now, its been working fine, i´ll check on my laptop. If it happens again , i´ll do just what you suggested me, thank you!
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