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  1. I did a clean install of Windows 10, and i deactivated Smart Screen filter for apps and files , then W10 showed a message before running BB_test, i checked "dont show this message again etc" and then there was an alert from EAM for this file BB_test. I activated Smart Screen filter for apps and archives again in W Defender Security Center and this time EAM still alerts when running BB_test , unlike before. So i think its working fine for me now. btw, happy new year for everyone!
  2. Check these news, a couple of days ago Starbucks Miner
  3. I installed other programs and Behavior Blocker shows a message or alert during installation as usual. Could it be that only with that particular file , BB_test, it doesnt or Smart Screen shows a message first?
  4. i reinstalled again , as you suggested me , but i tried again with that batch file and no alerts from BBlocker. I think i should install windows again, and then if any error occurs ill let you know. Thank you!
  5. I was looking into Event Viewer , and now i remember that after Windows installation i made a mistake and deleted one User Account, possibly a Windows one (S-1-5-21) but because i though it was an old User account from W8.1 that i used to start session. And then the error, and thats why i made system restore, i couldnt remember this detail before, dont know if its of interest.
  6. I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times since friday. Are there any other logs of importance in EAM folder?
  7. ok done, thank you! Forensics_171212-120251.txt
  8. yes i did, but no alerts from BBlocker, i reinstalled EAM now it says "security product state on", error messages are gone, but a set "show alert" on BBlocker and nothing.
  9. Yes i did that, only Smart Screen shows a notification. No notification from Behavior Blocker
  10. Hi: Today i installed Windows 10 Home on my old desktop PC. I updated from Windows 8.1 to see how it works with this ensemble, everything went fine. Except that , after a new EAM install , i had a message with a2hooks.dll error and behaviour blocker was not functioning, it was right in settings but only Smart Screen showed a message . I performed one of those recovery options, so i could install Win 10 again and EAM as well with a new installer. And now a2hooks.dll error message is gone , but in Event Viewer i can see a lot of Error messages for "EAM Error updating Security_product_state_on" or so, BB doesnt show alerts. I dont know what might have occurred during installation, thank you in advance
  11. No problems migrating on Windows 10 and no need for computer restart. But on Windows 8.1 , had to uninstall EIS and install EAM, because it was hang on : " waiting for a service to start.." and never completed the merge.
  12. Thank you, now my laptop its working fine, if it does the same again, wich i think it did after an update, ill open a new question here.
  13. right now, its been working fine, i´ll check on my laptop. If it happens again , i´ll do just what you suggested me, thank you!
  14. Many thanks , files added Addition.txt FRST.txt
  15. My OS is Windows 8.1 and my laptop Windows 10 both with EIS, sometimes i cant enable surf protection, BB or Fileguard unless i reboot, and then all components are on again, but i cant activate them withouth restarting.
  16. Yes Aura, i will do just the same. This update utility doesnt even show you what is installing. Apparently its an update for this utility itself, and other intel stuff etc. I thought it was a wireless driver because i had to boot a couple of times my laptop, wireless connection was shut down after update.
  17. Hi: I know that you cover often these topics on your blog, but i was wondering about some recents issues with oem software distributed from top brands as Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer. There are technology publications this week who are pointing live update utilities , wich came preinstalled in those laptops to update drivers, bios, etc, as insecure and vulnerable. Yesterday i received an alert from EIS for one of those apps on my laptop, should we consider to get rid of those apps and check instead for new drivers on the manufacturers site?
  18. Hi: Can you recommend wich are the best settings or rules for Chrome web browser ?. Currently i have " allowed " for all in that program. Also i noticed in Windows 8.1, i dont get more messages or alerts from EIS when executing a new program or a program does a change in my computer, since windows gives that messages, i think is Smart Screen, but im not sure about it.
  19. many thanks for your tip, unfortunately i dont have other dump file, ill try to check again for drivers issues. Thanks!
  20. I dont have extensions in Google Chrome or other software installed, i installed windows 7 15 days ago with a clean copy, and tried installing new drivers for my motherboard form Asus site, also uninstalled some patchs from Microsoft to see what issue could be, because at first everything worked fine, can i give you a link with a new dump from a bsod today? many thanks 082615-12979-01.dmp
  21. Yes, you are right, its something related to Windows 7, at least in my system. I tested a little bit changing some settings but it still does the same, it leaks a lot of memory with some processes,( Im reading in Microsoft website there is a hotfix for that too ) it annoys me really, im running a clean copy of Win 7, but i think its not the right one for my system. i have athlon x2 3.00 GHz, asus motherboard m4m68tm-le, 4 gb memory, to do usuall desktop stuff, still it goes up to 80 % cpu usage while opening Chrome. Dont know if windows 8.1 or other OS will be convenient for me.
  22. A little update, i think i discovered an issue with my PC, drivers for Nvidia / Nforce are outdated, although it says drivers are working correctly in device manager, my cpu usage was high and before BSoD prompted after opening Chrome, so my mistake it wasnt Ccleaner or Emsisoft , thanks ...
  23. I didnt save memory dumps sadly, but BSOD said Bad_pool_header . I dont have that hotfix Fabio mentioned above in my installation. Its strange because Ccleaner was not set to clean system files or cache icons.Thanks!.