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  1. No I did that thingy already. Not working. I have added UK, Canada, and USA as the allowed countries and all others were denied. However I have been visiting all countries. In fact I forgot that I had denied so many other countries for two days. Simply because I did not notice any interruption in traffic to any country. It sounds so nice feature. However not working. I am using XP. Also using TWEAK ME. Kept my IE offline (and at high/high setting) as I do not use it.
  2. I am just hoping that it will work. If I do not show up soon with my message that would mean solution's working. (b/c i am sure i have used all possible options already before). Thanks.
  3. Inside Advanced mode: I have selected Denied All Connections and Denied All country connections. However I am visiting all websites. No blocking at all? Also wondering how long does it take to have these feedback viewed/read?
  4. I feel like Online Armor is more like a strict watcher on a program start, program accessing files and something like that. Which is good in some sense. However I have tried several times to find a feature that when a new program tries to connect to the internet, Online Armor should inform me first and get my permission (and) this functionality is missing. Which should be the most basic requirement for any firewall. What it provides me an option to either Block connection or allow connection as a default. It should also have an option To Ask/get permission for the new connection. N
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