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  1. The Privacy Risks are set to block and notify
  2. I've been through a lot of websites and when i done a scan in Emsisoft, a lot of bad cookies show up. After a few days, it shows up again. Is emsisoft really blocking bad cookies?
  3. So right now i'm in the Emsisoft 30 day trial and still didn't get any new updates in the past hour. After each update the report says it's already optimized. In the log, it says connection error.
  4. Hi, i just got a license from a friend of mine. When i put the license in the activation, it says " mapping license with your computer failed. please check your internet connection settings or contact support ." Am i doing anything wrong?
  5. I found this file called (3590F75ABA9E485486C100C1A9D4FF06Z..Z....Z...ZZZZ) after running CCleaner. Is it a virus?
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