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  1. it's very cute they would have excessive and over-rules when they have bad practices like trying to trick you into a trial, for your reference http://dottech.org/100803/windows-best-free-firewall-program-review/ http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-firewall.htm#Quick_Selection_Guide ok i'll just leave it on learning mode forever if i uninstall comodo since firewalls only matter when you are around evil 0.0000001% chance, and google, facebook arent evil, so no need im surprise it "remove everything properly." as almsot all apps but the very good ones dont good answers, should just put into a concise user guide, better for everyone
  2. ** How do i set the firewall to only give me a msg for "most dangerous activities" (such as memory injections, driver loads, and a healthy list of system critical features -- auto starts, shell extensions, and internet settings) actually most dangerous is probably a lot less than that also, i dont want the firewall to disturb me if whenever I choose to open or install something by myself. i only download from good and ok sources. it should only trouble me when there are "most dangerous" stuff also, what happens if you are away, and dont block or unblock? does it automatically block the connection? does this firewall fit my needs? also for future reference, how do i uninstall everything including registry entries from this firewall?