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  1. I downloaded the four tools required to begin work on this virus. They are on the desktop. Every time I click on a tool and hit the run button, the "Security Tool" virus prevents me from installing the software that I downloaded. Also, when I have had the computer on for a while, I get the BLUE Screen of Death with the following error: SPCMDCOM.sys PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA error message. Thanks for your help Sylvia The four tools are hijack free, Emisisoft Malaware, CC Cleaner, and I see you XP. I can go to safe mode and try but I will wait for your reply first.
  2. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise by walking me through the process of cleaning up this computer. I have been working as a computer tech for the past several years, graduated with an AS degree with high honors in 2008 ,passed the A+ certification exams in hardware and software and continued to take classes in the Bachelors program until my work and family demands forced me to stop. I am very active in my community and have donated many hours of my time sharing computer tips, tricks and techniques with an emphasis on safe Internet browsing. I am sure you have been asked this
  3. The computer seems to be running OK. I haven't gone into safe mode to see if that "Administrator" was still there. I will restart the computer and see what happens. The requested files are attached. I am also concerned that EAM still come up with 6 objects found. Thanks Sylvia PS: I would love to know more about these programs. What do I have to do to receive the knowledge?
  4. OTL file is attached after I ran RunFix Thanks Sylvia
  5. Here are the OTL text files that you asked for. Thank you very much. Sylvia
  6. Please find the results of combo fix text file. I updated EAM and rescanned - results attached. Ran I See You XP - log file attached. Thanks Sylvia
  7. Just updated EAM and immediately ran a scan. Log files are attached. Hope I have this right. Sylvia
  8. I have attached the log files that you asked for. How do I learn how to use these tools. I am very interested. Thank you. Sylvia
  9. I read the instructions but I wasn't sure if you wanted the win32Diag log as well. I am running Windows XP, 32 bit, SP 3. Here it is anyway. Please see attachment. Regards Sylvia
  10. A malware writer has installed a bogus "My Security Shield" on this computer. System Info: Windows XP Home Edition; Version 2002; Service Pack 3. This system has the following security software installed: Windows Security Essentials; Malawarebytes Free Edition and Clean Up. I am attaching my log Thank you Sylvia
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