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  1. I'm wondering, could the difference in performance be that last time I installed EAM and OA at the same time through the Internet Security Pack installer, and this time I installed them separately? Could that have made a difference?
  2. Thanks, Christian. It has only been a couple of hours, but I'm getting a much different result this time -- no slowdowns at all. Not sure what happened last time. If by chance it goes as well on my Vista 64-bit desktop, I think I'll be in business. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Thanks, Christian. I have re-installed OA on one of my computers and am giving it another try. As I mentioned in another thread, my other computer is Vista 64-bit, and that may explain why I was having problems earlier. But I will give it another try soon as well. I do have two follow-up questions. 1) When I re-installed the trial of OA, it told me that my trial was expired. I'm sure that's because of the previous trial I had installed, but removed pretty quickly because of slowdowns. Is there any way to re-set it so that I can have a few more days to try to work out the issues?
  4. Thanks Christian. I'll give it a shot and see what happens.
  5. I just noticed that OA does not support Vista 64-bit systems. Somehow I've never noticed that before. So I'm wondering, does it work at all on 64 bit systems, and is just not officially supported? If so, what are the limitations? Or, does it just not function *period* on 64 bit systems? Thanks!
  6. I have been running EAM 7 for quite a while now, and am very pleased with it. Before I bought the license, I first tried the Emsisoft Internet Security pack. However, I never was able to get OA to work on either of my computers -- everything slowed down to an absolute crawl. So, I settled for just EAM. But I'd still love to try to make this combination work. So my question is, what specifically do I need to do to make them work harmoniously together? Do I need to disable anything in either one? What specific exclusions do I need to make in both products, and how exactly do I go abou
  7. I had a similar problem to Carl1223 after the update. I wound up booting into Safe Mode and uninstalling EAM. Started up fine after reboot. I still haven't re-installed, but it's good to know that Emsisoft is on top of the problem. You guys are the best in your customer service!
  8. I'm considering running EAM alongside CIS 6 and MBAM Pro. So I'm wondering, first, will there be any conflicts running all these together? And second, would I be better off running CIS without the antivirus component in this setup? Thanks!
  9. Today (4/22/13) I downloaded the trial version of the Emsisoft Internet Security pack. I noticed after I installed it that EAM says the trial expires in two days (4/25/13). The trial was supposed to last for 30 days, not 2. The Online Armor component, however, correctly indicates the trial expires in 30 days. Is there any way I can actually get the 30 day trial? I really want to give the product a fair chance. Thanks!
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