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  1. Hi Christian, As you suspected, the Terminal Services process was indeed not running on my XP system.. So once I started the process, OA's network activity graphs began functioning normally. You sure figured that out quickly! I hate to admit it, but I actually had intentionally disabled the Terminal Service process, because I wasn't using "remote desktop" or "fast user switching"; and knew that the Terminal Service process was a favorite target for hackers looking to compromise a system. So it seemed prudent to disable it. I had no idea that OA depended on the Terminal Service pr
  2. Hello, Recently I noticed that the network traffic graphs (on Online Armor's "Firewall Status" page) are blank, and do not ever update; despite significan network activity! The green grid-lines on the three charts render normally, but there are no histogram plots for "Inbound data", "Outbound Data", or "Connections". Also, the small OA "status-bar" icon -- which used to show red and green bar-graphs that varied according to the In/Out network traffic -- no longer updates either! Yet the textual display of network traffic by PID (shown below the Firewall Status page charts) does update, an
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