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  1. Arthur, Thanks for your respons! The problem continues after having removed and added the EAM folder to the exclution list in OA. When EAM isn't on the exclution list in OA the EAM updater tells me that it couldn't connect to the update server. When EAM is added to the exclution list in OA the EAM updater tells me that it is downloading 0 KB (0%) of xxx KB and nothing more happens. Lars
  2. Thanks for your quick reply! I have tried removing EAM from the exclution list in OA. The only difference was, that now the EAM automatic update could not connect to the internet. When I have EAM in the exclution list the automatic update can connect, but does not start downloading. It shows 0 KB (0%) ofxxx KB. In the programlist of OA there are no blocked or trusted programs. This is due to the fact that I have disabled the program protection. Any thing else I could try?
  3. Hi I'm running OA premium (automatic update) and EA full version (automatic update). Back in start june I experienced a problem with OA firewall blocking the automatic update of EA. I then excluded the EA folder from protection in OA and the problem seamed to be solved. After the latest mager update of OA to v8 the firewall again blocks the EA automatic update. When I disable the firewall in OA I can get the EA update. The EA folder is still excluded in OA and there are no blocked programs in the OA firewall list. Does anybody have an idea what to do? I'm running OS XP 32 sp3 and the newest updates of both OA and EA. Lars
  4. Hi Since sunday I have experienced problems surfing certain web-sites via IE 8 and accessing my mail-server via MS outlook 2003 - time-out on POP2. I have disabled my OA firewall - premium edition - to day and things are working fine now.Is this a known problem? I am using Emsisoft antimalware premium as well. OS is Win XP Hope you can help me with solving this problem! Lars
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