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  1. Help sought

    Perhaps it was just a coincidence. All resolved. Many thanks for you help :-D
  2. Help sought

    Thanks again. Feedback - doing those last few things has affected the integrity of my wireless connection. Lots of drop outs. Can't understand why, but is has been a consistent problem for the last 24 hrs that was not there before. Possibly due to flushing restore points???? I am in the process of resetting an reloading all my wireless drivers (trusted driver sites by PC provider)
  3. Help sought

    Everything is working great. Many thanks for your help :-) About from Emsisoft Anti-Malware, is there anything else I can do to avoid this problem in future?
  4. Help sought

    This is the log produced by OTL.
  5. Help sought

    Got both files by clicking "Extras - Safe List". Attached
  6. Help sought

    Did as you asked. But only OTL.TXT was created on desktop (file attached) No OTL directory exists anywhere on hard drive. Thanks
  7. Help sought

    Still no sign of any problems at all. Its all good. Can we consider this issue closed? PS Many many thanks :-D
  8. Help sought

    Ignore last post. Here is log obtained manually. Again no change to date of (28/9, when first run)
  9. Help sought

    avz log (manual)
  10. Help sought

    Hi Before i started avz, there were no problems with either IE or Firefox. When I ran the script lines in avz: 1. They ran ok 2. Log file did not update (date stamp of 28/9, 7:58pm). 3. Laptop did not reboot, so I manually rebooted it 4. Checked avz log again - no change Redid the above steps, but manually saved a log <attached> before rebooting
  11. Help sought

    I have had no google redirections for 12 hrs, using either IE8 or Firefox 3.6.10 Will check again in 48 hrs, as I am away from pc. PS Checked my written notes - file removed by combi-fix was: C:\PROGRAM FILES\1.BAT (not c:\1.bat). Apologies
  12. Help sought

    PS I just read through the combi-fix.log It does not mention one action that combi-fix did - it flashed up a message that it had deleted the file C:\1.BAT I guess this was an infected file???
  13. Help sought

    File attached. Thanks
  14. Help sought

    Hi Combofix ran to completion. I have attached the two logs. No sign of any redirects on Google running within Firefox. Problem Encountered Before the scan, I exited all antivirus & antimalware programs. But I noticed there was one a2 dll file loaded into memory though. It was still there after rebooting. During the scan I encountered the following Registry Editor error 3 times, asking me whether to send to Microsoft or not - each time I clicked "Don't Send" & wrote down the error signature: "Registry Editor has encountered a problem and needs to close Error signature Appname : regt.cfxxe Appver : 5.1.2600.5512 ModName : a2hooks32.dll ModVer : Offset : 00002907 " Should I re-boot? Should I remove this a2 file and re-run the Combi-fix process? Thanks :-)
  15. Help sought

    Thanks. Right now - Google redirects on EVERY entry (running from Firefox). eg Tried searching for "Microsoft Recovery Console" & got redirected instead of going to Microsoft site. About to run Combofix as per your instructions.