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  1. I am having a similar issue, but not entirely related to incomplete updates. My updates do indeed complete, however they EAM creates a bucketload of connection endpoints while it starts-performs-completes the update process. Not long ago, I counted approximately 170 endpoints during an update (via a lil' app called TCP View). They grow as the update continues. About a minute or two after exiting,, the endpoints slowly disappear in chunks of 4-6 at a time. All other behavior is as expected, importing exporting settings, scans etc... I read somewhere this update issue was rectified, unless I am dreaming...
  2. Good luck in finding the culprit bit of code Sir... just encountered it for the first time, and thanks for the post in this thread about restarting the file... for me it was a2start... a2guard and a2service were still running as per norm...
  3. I know this comment is off topic, but I thought I'd ask the leader of Emsisoft How's Windows 8.1 treating you? Have you been using it for long? Apart from the user interface side of things, are there much differences? (eg: newer versions of Direct-X, IE etc...)
  4. Doubt you need that ******** Windows Defender when you have EAM installed. Windows Updates still provide you with the malicious software download every month, even if Windows Defender is stopped and disabled in Windows Services... **possibly offensive word edited out by moderation
  5. I stopped, then disabled MBAM Scheduler in Windows Services... the delay experienced at startup is no longer present.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall worked for me. I only noticed the a2framework error today. Will update this post if it pops up again. Thanks!
  7. Consider this a false alarm. I had an ticked option in SSP, should've been unticked. My apologies!
  8. I think there is an overlap between EAM v9 and SpyShelter Premium v9. Mind you, this was doing my head in even with EAM v8, but I had no clue what was causing it, since I use a number of security applications. So I went and reinstalled Windows, did all the usual updates, and first thing I installed was SpyShelter Premium v9. Then I went ahead and installed EAM v9 Beta, and SSP did kick up an alert. So I continued to install EAM v9 via SSP Installer Mode. All worked well. I also added the SSP executable into File Guard / Whitelist as a process with 3 ticks. Then I tried to install something else, and SSP was silent. So, in EAM, I paused protection to see if SSP would provide me with an alert... and it did! Now I am questioning myself... in an Emsisoft forum thread I saw someone say that SSP is a HIPS (might have been catprincess as a nickname, not too sure), hence I decided to replace Online Amor with SSP. Now I am wondering if I need to remove SSP altogether or disable an EAM guard, since whitelisting wasn't good enough. Thoughts?
  9. I'd like to weigh in here... the "boot time is slower" issue has nothing to do with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. I recently did a full format of my PC, restored it with the original image that I made after arriving home with the PC. I performed all the Windows updates along with other driver updates. The boot time was incredibly fast. The first application I installed afterwards was Emsisoft Anti-Malware. This is when the black screen hang-time started (black/blank screen between Starting Windows and Windows Logon). I think all was fine with EAM v7, it started happening when v8 came around. Not really fussed, what's 8-12 seconds of my life, just wanted to remove MBAM as the cause of it.
  10. HOLY CRAP! Unchecking "Filter invalid MAC addresses (according to IEEE OUI listing)" worked! My OA Firewall Status window shows the VPN IP, along with online IP checking websites! OH MY GOSH! Thanks so much Rob and GT500!!! P.S.: How do you think the above setting caused this issue? I am assuming that because the IEEE listing doesn't cover new VPN's, then it totally barred OA permission to let the VPN through (or vice versa)?
  11. Ok, I will give it a shot and see what it pops up. FYI, I run my OA in Advanced Mode.
  12. Hi GT500... I just added the VPN software to the Exclusions list. I also added the VPN software executable that popped up in OA to the EAM exclusions list. The problem/issue is still there. I noticed this error came up in the VPN software... Thu Nov 21 08:20:49 2013 ROUTE: route addition failed using CreateIpForwardEntry: The object already exists. Thu Nov 21 08:20:49 2013 Route addition via IPAPI failed [adaptive] Thu Nov 21 08:20:49 2013 Route addition fallback to route.exe It could possible be an issue with the routing table, is this the same as the Hosts file or am I mistaken? Thanks for all your help...
  13. Hi GT500... Did the Emsisoft Team manage to fix this bug? I've been checking the Hosts tab for the past 2 days, and it is now working like a charm... just wondering if that is due to the teams efforts or not... take care bud!
  14. Sorry for the delay in reply GT500... Yes, it does have OA Helper Driver in the list!
  15. Yes it does, it's called Local Area Connection 2... The original network connection (eg: turn PC on and use the internet) is Local Area Connection 1.
  16. Hi... I was wondering if there is any documentation in relation to running a VPN whilst having OA installed on my PC? The only way I can get proper VPN access is to disable the Firewall aspect of OA. If the firewall is running, my original IP always shows. If the firewall is disabled, then the VPN fully takes over. I noticed in the Interfaces tab that there are now two entries. One for the original connection and one for the VPN. However, when I move over to the next tab, I can't untick "hide inactive networks" to muck around with the trust/untrust settings because it is greyed out. Any ideas? Thanks... Marin. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 Emsisoft EAM Emsisoft OA Premium MalwareBytes AntiMalware AdMuncher Pro
  17. Thanks GT500 for the response and the smooth instructions. I have created the Zip file that you requested. I did the following when I was asked to to replicate the problem... 1) Maximised EAM via Task Bar 2) Clicked on Guard 3) Clicked on Host Rules 4) Empty list - unticked then reticked My Own and my custom rules were returned. I did this twice.
  18. What the... there is a 64bit version!?!??!
  19. Hi GT500, no I did not. The Hosts File contains blocked hosts that I have collected as I browse. They have not been imported, just created on-the-fly.
  20. ...and the Host Rules tab problem is back... argh!
  21. The problem is solved, however only after 2 other problems happened... Not long after I posted the above message, OA kicked up a fuss yet again about svchost.exe, which stalled my PC. I waited 5 minutes then forced a reboot. Upon reboot, I noticed that EAM was not loaded, so I went into the Start Menu and loaded it. The licence had disappeared again so I inputted it and went through the wizard. Now the Host Rules list loads up automatically... *sigh* Man, how the hell do I avoid these destructive svchost popups? I don't think it would be safe to ignore them though...
  22. lmao... yours were 3000, mine are 30000! Lets give this a shot... EDIT: I changed the values to 300. I rebooted into Safe Mode to delete the log.db3 file, then properly rebooted. RESULTS: I still need to click on the "My Own" checkbox to populate my Hosts list. The Logs tab and sub-tabs appear to be working fine now. The "File Guard" and "Quarantine" sub-tabs are empty. I think this is the case because those two issues have no new entries. In relation to the custom host rules I have created, the a2user.dat file in the EAM directory is only 9kb, so the filesize cannot be the issue that is causing the delay in populating. It opens up in notepad successfully, so I think it isn't corrupt. Thanks for your help stapp, now I am just left with this last issue and all is well!
  23. Hi... I am having a bit of an issue with tabs that can be populated... such as Logs (File Guard, Quarantine, Update, Scan), Guard (Host Rules). I left out Logs (Behavior Blocker, Surf Protection) because for some reason they still populate. I think this started a couple of weeks ago, maybe thee. Thinking back a couple of weeks, I haven't installed any applications or done anything out of the ordinary to my system that could cause this little issue. The Host Rules tab does not populate automatically, nor does it provide me with that little box saying something about populating. I have to manually uncheck the "My Own" option in that tab, then check it again for the list to populate. In relation to the Logs tabs, it takes about 20-30 seconds for them to populate, and the entries are provided line by line, or all at once. It varies. This happens regardless of how long my PC is running, or whether or not the EAM screen is on-screen or in the taskbar. The issue occurs even if I have MalwareBytes fully disabled and shut down (do not load at restart). I have exceptions for EAM, OA, MBAM and AdMuncher Pro placed in exceptions tabs as recommended by other posts on this forum. Any ideas? My details: EAM Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (no updates to install, well critical ones that is...) OA Premium MBAM Pro AdMuncher Pro 4.93.33707/4956
  24. I've had this application for over a year now, and the minor issue is still present. It has to do with the user interface, nothing really drastic but still... When Online Amor is not maximised, for example, positioned anywhere on the screen... the maximise button appears correct. The button represents the true button for maximising. So I click on it. The Online Armor screen now maximises to full screen. However, the icon does not update to the un-maximise button that is present in other applications. The button updates in Emsisoft Anti-Malware after maximising, but not in Online Amor. I have included a print screen cut-out of what the maximise button looks like when OA is maximised, and when AM is maximised. As you can see, the "maximised/un-maximise" buttons differ from OA to AM, both in the icon that is present in the button along with the light bar at the top of the button. Cheers in advance for reading and replying.