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  1. Thanks GT, Well i enabled additional debugging and had a look threw myself it was dropping packets Blocked (fake MAC) so i disabled invalid mac filtering and everything works fine now!
  2. with windows firewall and online armor enabled openvpn connects this time without errors but nothing is going threw the openvpn connection so real ip still shows.
  3. Hi GT thanks for the reply. yeah i had that all configured, what happens is if the firewall is enabled it takes lots of attempts for openvpn to get the TAP interface up (around 20 attempts) then after it minimizes to the tray and says that it's connected, but no traffic seems to be going threw the vpn connection and ISP IP is shown. In the openvpn log when the firewall is enabled (connects but doesn't actually work) and this is the error: Initialization Sequence Completed With Errors ( see http://openvpn.net/faq.html#dhcpclientserv ) with firewall disabled openvpn connects as normal and show
  4. my dad bought me online armor and its great but when i connect to my vpn (openvpn) and check my ip address on whatsmyip my real ip is shown. if i disabled the firewall and connect to my vpn it works fine how can i fix this? thanks
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