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  1. No Windows key on my computer, however I know how to get to the Run dialog box. Much appreciated, thanks again for all your help.
  2. Arthur, Do you have an organized way to remove these tools step by step or do I just delete them from my system? Best regards, David
  3. I have checked and both are trusted and allowed. The browser crashes are intermittent and have occurred less and less since first reported. Therefore, i am hoping that the issue is resolved. I do not have sny other noticeabe issues. Consequently, I think we are done and you have assisted me very well in resolving those previous issues. Thanks, I guess the only thing left is to remove those tools used to evaluate & clean my system..
  4. I completed the re-installation of SP3 only after disabling OLA in Window's services. It worked fine in safe mode but at restart OLA would not let Windows complete whatever cleaning that had to be done from the command line:OLA blocked it everytime. Windows would not complete the installation with a restart to safe mode. However, I believe that re-installation was worth the time and effort. In addition, I have even more respect for OLA after these exercises: It seems to be just as paranoid as I am. The unit seems to have only one new issue as stated before: Firefox and Opera are crashing while using dial-up. OLE.DLL is no longer being blocked. Windows is loading a bit more smoother. Therefore, I will probably rate the browser crash issue lower-major. That is, if I do not begin to see the same issue while using a broadband connection. So far, I have been unable to place what is causing the crash. System is about 4 years old. It was a refurbished purchase from one of my suppliers, IBM. I am surprised that the unit is not working even worse based on the experimentation that has been performed on it. Installing and uninstalling software, installing and uninstalling hardware and drivers. When Microsoft's XP is no longer supported in April of next year, II will switch her over to Ubuntu. I knew of IBM's reputation in regards to quality of product at least in this case it is well deserved. It is a shame that they are no longer in the PC business. Thanks for your time and patience in helping me to resolve these issues. Much appreciated. She will be used from this day forward for light surfing. She deserves a break, with no more major surprises. We'll keep her out of the landfill for awhile longer.
  5. Hi, I had this pop-up notification from OLA today. clbcatq.DLL is located in file path that it is supposed to be located in on my computer. I was printing a document with bullzip printer. It also caused a notice from Adobe as well. I'm pretty sure that it caused the notice with Adobe because Bullzip prints it as a PDF.I have not had any issues with Bullzip at all. I'm assuming that this is what triggered the popup from OLA. http://www.file.net/process/clbcatq.dll.html http://www.processlibrary.com/directory/files/clbcatq/28573/
  6. Since running Combofix, I have had two crashes of my browsers, 1 each: Opera and Firefox. In addition, Avast took a lot longer to update virus definitions. However, my computer runs a lot more stable on a WiFi connection than a dial-up one. That has been the case for some time. I was working on my computer yesterday and had access to WiFi with no issues. I will watch both of occurrences much closer. Have I had situations in which my browser crashed? Yes. But I have never had a situation in which one crashed after the other within say, 5-10 minutes. I found ole32.DLL in "Programs" rather than "Autoruns" as OLA pointed to (link). when I clicked on the link provided in "history." Found it while I was looking for "STI.DLL." OLA blocked this DLL as well. This seemed to be a block of another legitimate file. I choose "trust" and it no longer blocks the file. I have included a picture below. Would those signatures issues that you are speaking of cause this issue of blocking legitimate files? My computer is loading much cleaner. On boot, my background picture loads right before my desk icons which before it would be almost a minute before my icons would show up. I am going to work on removing some of the start-up programs in the near future. Right now it takes about 8 minutes before my computer is stable enough to use even with adding the recent memory that I have added. I have maxed out with the latest amount. I could probably save some time if I were not running CCleaner at start-up but I feel better with it cleaning at boot. In regards to an XP disk. My computer came with a partition and not the disk.
  7. Arthur, Why exactly are we running ComboFix? I no longer have a dll error. The original issue is still present, OLE.Dll is still being blocked on start-up. I will need more info before I run ComboFix since we have been unable to identify my original issue. In addition, we have run many scans. Have you found any indication from those scans that I may have a malware issue?
  8. Yes, that is correct. In addition since I ran the last scan OLA has blocked several more files that I have unblocked and allowed. I also receive a non-notification dll error relating to wireless. I did not receive that error this time in my admin account so maybe it has corrected itself. The error message was seen in my standard user account and (I believe) my admin account before the last restart.
  9. Yes, I have run a disk check, numerous times and recently as well.
  10. I should mention here that I have disc errors. I had forgotten, but remembered when I ran AVG Rescue Disc and that notice came up. I ran AVG yesterday and the only issues that I had were three un-scannable files. I have had disc issues long before adding OLA as my firewall and Avast as my virus protection. My hard-drive is at least 4 years old and the unit was purchased as a refurbished computer. Perhaps that is the cause. Again, thanks for all your help.