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  1. Sorry Christian for not posting logs. I've however unistalled uTorrent and installed Bittorrent which runs flawless, no issue with DHT. I thought because with OA disabled and just MS FW uTorrent ran fine, it was OA Premium to blame but with the other recent torrent client there are no DHT issues, at all. Afaic, not an OA issue but a uTorrent problem
  2. Sure, uTorrent is Trusted in 'Programs', Allowed in 'Firewall/Programs' and ports under 'Firewall/Ports' are standard. No idea why all of a sudden OA would block DHT with uTorrent v3.1.2 I've uninstalled uTorrent, removed all traces from Userx/Appdata, rebooted and reinstalled with Learning Mode but still no luck.
  3. Hi, After updating to the most recent uTorrent version 3.1.2, all of a sudden DHT (Distributed Hash Table) won't work anymore. There was no issue with the previous uTorrent version, all worked just fine. After disabling OA temporarily and only using the Windows firewall, DHT works again just fine. When restarting OA, some setting will kill off the DHT nodes but for the live of me, I can't figure out what it is. What setting in OA do I need to change to be able to make use of DHT in uTorrent? Regards, Baserk. VistaSP2x86, OA, uTorrent 3.1.2.
  4. Hi stapp, thanks for replying. Windows Defender was already disabled but today after booting up into a SUA, I didn't get a WSC warning anymore. Checking the Security Center, EAM is recognized. Strange, I haven't changed a thing but apparantly after a second reboot, all is fine. Afaic this thread can be marked as solved.
  5. I've got the exact same issue on Vista SP2 x86. Windows Security Center does NOT recognize EAM when logging in, on a SUA. I've rebuild the system32/wbem/repository folder but that doesn't help. Surely users aren't expected to disable/enable File Guard, every single time they log on? What is the permanent solution for this issue? Regards, Baserk. Vista SP2 x86, OA Free, EAM Paid.
  6. L.S. All of a sudden OA Free version is asking me for a license key after booting into my admin account. Closing this popup and starting OA manually, I get an error message; 'Access violation at address 5B3D87C9 in module oaui.exe. Write of address 00000050'. After a reboot and login in to my admin account account, OA again keeps asking for a license key. Rebooting into my user account gives no license key popup but the above error message about module oaui.exe. When trying to uninstall OA through Add/Remove Programs routine, I get a message that unins000.msg is missing; no luck, uninstall is a no-go. Having not removed any OA files, I did a fresh OA Free install and now I've got a boatload of BAK files in the Program Files\Online Armor folder and different versions of files like unins000.exe, unins001.exe etc. Curious though is that I only have unins001.bat and unins001.msg. How come if unins000.bat and unins000.msg were already gone? I'd assume that if those were gone ( and really, I haven't got a clue why) a new install would name those 2 new new files 000 instead of 001. I don't get what happened and I'm a bit lost... Config; Vista x86 SP2, Vipre AV, MBAM Pro, OA Free.
  7. Hi Lynx, thanks for answering. - Permission settings are the same. - I've read that Emet how-to page before but in my case I've added more processes than listed there. I'll have to dig further on what is the problem... Cheers.
  8. L.S. I've just installed Mamutu 3.0 (while in admin). Then I logged off as admin and then logged in to the user account. Now I get a Windows message that I have to enter my admin password in order to start Mamutu. Any idea why this is? (Can't remember this being normal/routine) OS is Vista, fully updated, I've put OA in learning mode while installing Mamutu. Vista Ultimate x86 SP2, EMET2.0, MSE 2.0, OA 5.0 (free version), Mamutu 3.0, Sandboxie 3.52 (And for those wondering why I've got OA and Mamutu; it's just for testing purposes)
  9. Thanks for posting, Andrey. But it doesn't really answer my question. Where/when can users of the free OA version, download Or is the OA GUI glitch/error, which has apparantly been solved with the most recent update, only present in the paid OA Premium version and not in the free version? Regards, Baserk
  10. Is there any place where users of Online Armor free version can download the most recent/new '' version? Or do we have to wait for the main --http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/oa/-- page to be updated? Regards, Baserk
  11. Online Armor has a strong HIPS that has been made fairly easy. (Read the FAQ on HIPS if appropriate). When installed, on setup you'll be offered 2 'automatic' options; 'Trust' and 'Safety Check wizard'. You can either 'trust everything' on your computer (f.i. after a clean install) or run the wizard an let OA scan your files. If you don't choose one of these options and reboot, you have actually set OA HIPS to manual mode which means every single actions has to be allowed, manually. It shows precisely what is checked by the HIPS but grinds your OS to a halt. That's not how to use OA unless you want to be bored/agitated to death. So, open OA, choose 'options' and run the 'safety check wizard'. Afterwards, allow/trust/etc. the files that require manual input. cheers.
  12. Servers are up, updates work again/as usual. Solved afaiac. Regards, Baserk.
  13. After trying to update Mamutu, I get a 'Could not connect to the update server. Please check your internet connection and proxy settings'. Checked; no such issues, no proxy server settings in Mamutu, license valid until september... What's up?
  14. I just came across an OA 5.0 RC thread, started on WildersSecurity by WS member Delah; link. Thanks for releasing the RC btw. Is the final version still planned for April?
  15. Thanks for the reply Catprincess. Do you know of any bugs that have ever been reported regarding the "Ignore OA web sites list"? Is it possible to configure/edit the list yourself (or does OA want to prevent possible user errors)? Any idea about the 'blocking/asking' GUI warning at boot-up of OS files like mrxsmb.sys etc. mentioned in the 1st post? Regards, Baserk
  16. ^I've understood the explanation from the old OA help pages; "Domains that resolve to the IP of an existing Trusted entry in the Websites list (or on Online Armor's built-in Trusted list) are also added as Trusted automatically." After you've cleared the entire list, it checks it's build-in list, f.i download.windowsupdate.com and then also adds mscom-wui-any.vo.msecndnet f.i., right? Has something been changed recently how this works or is it still the same? For the OS, a whitelist is easy but how are other safe sites defined? Can that whitelist be edited or disabled to keep the 'Trusted Sites' list limited? Too late with editing, so an addendum.
  17. L.S. Since 2 weeks, Online Armor (free edition) has started blocking Windows OS drivers (Vista x86 SP2) randomly when booting up. Drivers like mrxsmb.sys, mrxsmb10.sys, mrxsmb20.sys, srv2.sys and srvnet.sys have been blocked when starting the computer. In the GUI, I have the option to block, allow, run safer etc. All files have been uploaded to VirusTotal.com and were found clean by 30+ AV/AM scanners, and found clean aswell when scanned with MBAM and HitmanPro3. What's going on here? No updates have been installed since 14 or 15 november so nothing has been updated regarding the OS. Also, all of a sudden today, a 'Trusted website' has been added under Main Menu\Web sites. Are these added automatically by OA? If so, why and based on what analysis is decided by OA that these sites are safe? Can I stop this automatic adding of safe websites or am I forced to use this feature? A recommendation from OA would be nice (with perhaps an explanation why the website is deemed safe) but I don't like it much forced on to me. I'm using Vista x86 SP2 updated, OA free, Prevx SOL free and Avast free. Prevx and Avast are running with default config. Regards, Baserk
  18. Please, drop the attitude. I've used OA Free and OA Paid for years. (the 'paid' version through a forum give away) Both have offered excellent protection. Sure, sometimes a minor bug but nothing big. Simply a real nice program to work with. (Or better put, to configure it once and let it silently do it's work). People who, apparantly, don't want or can't read a simple but concise user guide, or watch a simple instruction video, shouldn't use programs like OA. At all. Online Armor responsible for porn spam...Yeah right. Your crazy accusation could be described as either slaunder, childish or that of an old-fashioned troll. P.S. Before you start shouting; 'huh, I see you are using Mamutu, you are an Emsisoft fanboy...'. I got the Mamutu license through a recent give away from calendarofupdates.com.
  19. You don't understand the answer. Mamutu is not a scanner. It's a behavioural blocker. Like ThreatFire. Doesn't have a detection rate either. Have you ever used a HIPS? Doesn't have a detection rate either. Mamutu can be seen as an automated HIPS.
  20. Hi Fabian, Could not try sooner but I've just installed BellaVista and Mamutu again. After updating, I waited for a lockup but nothing happened. I mean, Mamutu runs fine. I've rebooted to see if anything changed but I guess this release has solved the issue so afaic the topic can be closed with 'Solved'. Regards and thanks, Baserk
  21. L.S. After booting up an XP Pro (SP3, fully updated) notebook today (not used for a week), Mamutu and Avast Antivirus (free version) both updated but now Mamutu will produce an error and it seems Explorer almost completely freezes. There is a mamutu.exe screen which offers options to; continue, restart or close mamutu but selecting any of them does nothing. Ctr+Alt+Del does nothing. At all. Only a hard reboot could revive the machine but as soon as XP loads, I'm back in 'lock-up loop' I've tried uninstalling Mamutu but no-go as the machine locks up immediately after booting. Now, after 3 hard reboots (with the nice accompanying HDD CLICK) I'm stuck. Any ideas besides restoring a clean image and not using/updating Mamutu?
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