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  1. Hi! GT500, I am sorry for the delay in replying to your message, I am very busy these days. There's a doubt need to clear first. I guarantee taht we don't use any pirated Adobe softwares in this PC, we bought a legal one form retialer, and we had registered it under our Adobe ID. If you see any strange logs in OTL log, they are used for a testing purpose in early days. OK, let's continue this topic. I had excluded these folders in OA, as you can see in screen1.jpg, and it seems works! I think these files in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\" is the root of the problem. But could I excluded just ONE file in OA? It's too danger to exclude whole folder like C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ in OA. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Hi~ GT500 I have used OTL.exe to scan my box many times, even restart my box, but it generated OLT.txt only. Now I attached it as an encryped 7z file, OTL_RESULT.7z in this reply. I hope it will be helpfull for you. p.s. I will send you the password as private message.
  3. Hi~ GT500 Thanks for your reply. As you can see in the attached images (OA-001.jpg, OA-002.jpg) and the post above, I had excluded the whole forders of OA in the exclusion configuration of WFSMB, and excluded the whole forders of WFSMB in OA's Exclusions tab before I open this new topic. But I find this kind of configuration does not work. OA always check the security scanning actions from WFSMB until I turn off OA's Program Guard or exclued the program I used (i.e. NotePad) in OA's Exclusions tab. So I think there are some scanning skill that WFSMB used may result in OA's HIPS reaction, and OA does not full excluded what I want to excluded.
  4. Hi! I am a OA Free (version user, and my XP SP3 box also installed with our company's antivirus system, Trend Micro Worey-Free Bussiness Security (8.0.1346), or called it WFSMB for short. I found that the OPEN FILE dialog window forzen and returned to normal later (about 30 seconds) while using text editor (NotePad) to open text files that storded in differents folders under the same path. The structure of folders as indicated below: ======================== d:\textfiles\20130101\ d:\textfiles\20130102\ d:\textfiles\20130103\ d:\textfiles\20130104\ ... ======================== And I open Word 2003 then close it, the software also forzen for a while then closed normally. I had excluded OA in the exclusion setting of WFSMB, and excluded WFSMB in OA's Options > Exclusions . But nothing changed. I wonder if HIPS feature of both softwares cause this problem? As you can see in the attached image, OA-001.jpg, there are kernel events in History window. I had talked with Trend Micro, they say it is best to install one set of security software at the same time. But I use NOD32 at my home box, it works well with OA. Could you help me to slove this strange problem? Thanks a lot