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  1. Thanks for the reply, but it wasn't sufficient to achieve my goal. First of all, a "single Key" hotkey is not possible, it must be a combination of Alt/Shift/Ctrl. Secondly, it only detects the key being pressed, i cannot assign different actions for the key being Pressed/Released. So I decided to write my own firewall in order to achieve my task, my firewall doesn't use any drivers, injected libraries nor any windows configurations. Instead it hooks the keyboard to detect the state of keys, Up/Down, then disables the internet connection while the specified key is pressed down, and allows networking again when the key is not held down any more. Disabling/Enabling internet is also instantanious and it does not affect your computer nor running software in any way except for blocking network traffic! The program is in fact so simple it doesn't use much more resources than notepad. I looked high and low throughout the internet to find a suitable solution, but none already existed, If someone sees this thread and need these functions, just send me an e-mail christian <at> mail <dot> bg and I will gladly share the project with you
  2. Hello, My ultimate goal is to have Online Armor do the following: 1) Allow everything by default, don't ask for permission 2) Holding down a specified Key should "Block all network traffic" 3) Releasing the Key should "Allow all network traffic" again. Is this possible with Online Armor?