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  1. BTW, I ran another Windows Safe Mode command line scan. I still get the Trojan.Script.8027 (B) detection, but it looks like an old Java version. Here's the entire path this time: C:\Users\Mark\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\24\45eb7658-67069bfc I'm actually running Java 7 Update 67. The C:\Windows\write.exe was just the last file scanned, I think. The other "v0300.xbap" was a remnant of another scanned file. Still cannot find any logs for those scans. Not noticing anything peculiar system-wise...just a little spooked about the detection. Thanks!
  2. Last night I ran: a2cmd.exe /f="c:\" /m/t/c/h/a/q I suppose Trojan.Script.8027 (B) could have been quarantined on the first pass? I cannot find any log to prove it, though. Thanks again!
  3. Well, I ran command line in Windows Safe Mode overnight, and could see the summary this morning. I have not been able to locate any relevant Report, but this Log may have information if it is readable... logs.db3 is not a permitted upload. Should I run it again, and what log should I look for? Thanks!
  4. I happened to run a scan in Windows Safe Mode last night. It picked up the following: Trojan.Script.8027 (B) c:\windows\write.exe v0300.xbap Scanned again today for this post. But this time, it did not report the same in Normal mode. I apologize in advance for having quarantined the "Coupon" crap... Thanks!
  5. What's the Options > Advanced CCleaner option to uncheck? The pic has been removed. Thanks!
  6. Very good, thank you. It's a crazy world out there.
  7. Hey, thanks for your help and your time on this issue.
  8. No problems. I think things are running better with each step. I would say a little quicker and a little smoother. I forgot to install the Java(s) as Administrator. Since creating this log, I uninstalled it and reinstalled As Administrator. You da Man...I mean da Dude!
  9. TDSSKiller does not find it now. I have manually rebooted since the first time I ran the scan. What to do now?
  10. Nevermind the Stupid question... It was more stupid than I first thought. There was no option to Cure. Of course, you knew that.
  11. Stupid question: TDSSKiller picked up a Suspicious object: Rootkit.Win32.BackBoot.gen Shall I Skip or Cure it? It certainly sounds suspicious to me... Thanks!
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