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  1. No, because I can't sign in to EMA. There are no Icons for me to click on. It's like it just doesn't exist in my computer. All of the files are still in the Program Files, but double clicking on them does nothing.
  2. Ref. Question 2 reply: The RED dot that you mentioned was not what you describe. I was referring to the RED flag on the Action Center site of Windows 7. The EMA Icon was not shown anywhere, like the program did not exist at all. I tried going to the Program Files(x86) in my C:/ drive to run the EMA .exe file and nothing happened there. I had to do a restart/reboot of the system before any of the Icons appeared. This happens every time the program vanishes from my computer. Once it comes up, it acts like it never happened.
  3. Question 1. Can't open the Emsisoft Anti-Malare program at all. Tried from several locations and nothing happens or opens up the program. Question 2. Yes, the small flag in the System tray shows a RED dot and when I open the window, it basically says that Windows 7 does not recognize any Anti-Virus/Malware program installed. Final comment: Christian Peters asked me to run OTL.exe and send him the results of OTL.txt and Extras.txt files that were generated. His comment was they couldn't find anything wrong, but asked if I was doing something with the DNS server numbers. I was, and we thought that was the problem, but since then, I haven't touched the DNS numbers at all and the problem still exists. How do we solve the communication problem between the Security Center and EAM, as you stated in your response above?
  4. Has anyone experienced Emsisoft Malware shutting itself OFF in Windows 7? Seems like once a week I get a RED warning flag from Windows 7 Security Center informing me that my OS no longer recognized an Anti-Virus program installed. Thought the problem might be because of modifying my DNS Server numbers like once or twice a week, but I haven't made any changes lately with my DNS numbers and my Emsisoft program continues to switch itself OFF. Seems to happen, so far, on Fridays only. I looked at all of my settings to see if I had any set to activate on Fridays for what ever reason, but I cannot find anything in my setup or settings that is set for Fridays. I have no other program activated for Anti-virus or malware except Windows Defender which came with my OS. I would appreciate any ideas or comments on this. Thanks
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