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  1. Thanks <norgetroll> for the information. My german is non-existent so I did not find any info about this bug before opening the thread. I'm looking forward to a fix of this issue, and thanks for the swift reply! /Malaware
  2. UPDATE: As for my second question it seems like I have found a workaround. If I go via the main window to Settings -> Permissions, then uncheck EVERY permissions box for a standard-account user and log out from the adm account without closing the Permissions window THEN indeed it is not possible to change or disable the settings of EAM in any way, as far as I've seen up to now, which is great! I also noted that if I logon as adm and open the permissions-window then everything goes back to unrestricted access for each and every user, so I wont do that on a regular basis. Hovever, the ab
  3. Hello! I use EAM and cannot set an administrator password. If I go to Settings -> Permissions and try do to so, it never registers with the program. The information says "Administrators: Password protection is inactive" so my first part of the question is how to go about resolving this issue. The second and in my opinion more critical issue, is that I cannot restrict users of standard accounts, neither users of the guest account access to the settings of EAM. If I uncheck all the boxes with permissions and logon as a standard-account user, I still am GOD as far as enabling/disabling
  4. Everything is working great, and thanks for the excellent support GT500. I will probably stay with Emsisoft AM a few more years ... @Ken1943: Thanks for trying to help, but I bought NEW keys from a third party vendor, hence I couldn`t use your suggested approach. Have a nice, malware-free, year!
  5. Hi! I am a happy Emsisoft customer using EAM and recently bought TWO new one year licence keys at a very good discounted price. My present subscription will expire in about 70 days, and i would like to use these new keys to extend it, preferably by merging these keys with the one I use at the moment, since I read some posts (links below) in the forum suggesting this is indeed possible to do. Could you please help me doing this, and should I register the key I´m using at the moment in the license center first? Thanks! http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/11026-license-center/#ent
  6. Hi! I have recently installed Mamutu ( for a trial evaluation, and I am trying to deny non-admins the ability to change any settings. But, even though I (logged in as admin) did uncheck every checkbox for all other user accounts under the Permissions tab, I could undo this when logged in on a standard user account. Hence, I could easily change any setting and of course managed to shutdown Mamuto, something i wouldn't want any standard/guest-user to be able to do. Is this just a limitation of the trial version?
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