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  1. It froze yesterday, and I rebooted it this morning (I left it frozen overnight), but it seems better today. Did you find anything that could be related to my freezing problem?
  2. Ask, and ye shall receive . scan_190115-173642.txt
  3. Mr. Zoll, Done. File is attached. DRM Fixlog.txt
  4. Thank you, Mr. Zoll. Ran it just now. EEK said it was updated, and I ran the Malware scan, per the instructions. It did not offer me the chance to make sure PUPs was checked. Results attached. It only found one infection, versus 4 or 5 last time. scan_190112-203042.txt
  5. My HP Pavillion dv7-7135us has been freezing up lately with no warning and no visible symptoms other than I return to it after a few hours and find it frozen. The only remedy is to power down. EEK and FRST files are attached. I tried to scrupulously follow the instructions. EEK did not display the same choices as the instructions, but I tried to get a clean scan, without changing any parameters after the sw updated itself. FRST showed no anomalies on operation. Addition.txt FRST.txt a2scan_190112-100254.txt
  6. Done. Restarted several times. System is slower than usual, but that could be coincidental. Thank you for your help!!!! DRM
  7. I did as you directed. Now my system won't check for Windows updates. It gives the attached error. I restarted my system several times. DRM
  8. Things running smoothly; message has not appeared since I ran your fix file. Fresh EEK and FRSTlogs attached. Thank you. FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_171129-093148.txt
  9. Repeated restarts do not resolve the issue. Requested logs are attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_171124-163623.txt
  10. I don't know what did the trick, but when I got to the "Update Now" part of your instructions, the legend below Update Now said "Software is up to date." Since that was my presenting problem, I'm happy. Thanks for your help. DRM
  11. Mr Wilkinson, Log file created. How do I PM it to you? DRM
  12. Mr. Zoll, Old software removed, new software installed, per your instructions. It updated the software definitions, but ES is reporting the software is out of date. When I try to update it, it says it could not connect to the update server. I am not using proxy settings. My Internet connection works as normal. Please advise. DRM
  13. Mr. Zoll, Thank you for the prompt reply. I am not running Windows 10. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit. I have used Emsisoft for several years, and this problem only came up in the least couple fo weeks. DRM
  14. MyPC shows the attached error on start up. Attached are a screen shot of the error, and the EEK and FRST logs for your review. Thank you, DRM Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Addition.txt FRST.txt EEK scan_170216-102604.txt
  15. It does not complete the scan, and I cannot close the program or initiate new scans. Requested log files are attached. DRM Las Vegas, NV scan_161028-080430.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  16. Files attached. Emsisoft no longer finds the files in question, which is A Good Thing. DRM scan_151210-135039.txt FRST.txt
  17. Mr. Zoll, Processes run. Log files are attached. The file fixlog.txt was not created by FRST when it ran. Thank you for your help! DRM JRT.txt AdwCleanerC2.txt
  18. Please see attached EEK and FRST Text Files. Farbar did not create an Addition.txt file. Also attaching screenshot of Emsisoft scan report that shows files detected which Delete or Quarantine does not delete or quarantine. Thank you, DRM Las V\gas, Nevada, USA FRST.txt scan_151205-120210.txt
  19. I received several erros today staing there had been an unexpected internal process error, and to contact the support team. The software seems to be updating normally. A recent FRST text report is attached for your convenience. Any suggestions on preventing future reports like this? DRM Las Vegas, Nevada, USA FRST.txt