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  1. Mr. Zoll, Processes run. Log files are attached. The file fixlog.txt was not created by FRST when it ran. Thank you for your help! DRM JRT.txt AdwCleanerC2.txt
  2. Please see attached EEK and FRST Text Files. Farbar did not create an Addition.txt file. Also attaching screenshot of Emsisoft scan report that shows files detected which Delete or Quarantine does not delete or quarantine. Thank you, DRM Las V\gas, Nevada, USA FRST.txt scan_151205-120210.txt
  3. I received several erros today staing there had been an unexpected internal process error, and to contact the support team. The software seems to be updating normally. A recent FRST text report is attached for your convenience. Any suggestions on preventing future reports like this? DRM Las Vegas, Nevada, USA FRST.txt
  4. Recently, after a Windows 10 Upgrade that I did not request failed to load, I started receiving a message that a major problem prevented EIS from loading, and that ES cannot connect to the service application. I also had to restart my system several times. A screen capture of the message is attached. To have AV protection, I activated MS Security Essentials, but of course I prefer EIS. I had hoped the problem would resolve itself with subsequent upgrades, but that has not occurred. I have not tried uninstalling and reinstalling EIS. To help the service process along, I am also attaching the FRST.txt file created after I downloaded and ran that tool. It did not produce the ADDITION.txt file. Thank you, DRM FRST.txt
  5. Is it safe to run Malware bytes Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Anti-Malware simultaneously? Are there setings for either or both programs that will make them safe to run rogether? I'm Also using Online Armor. Thank you, DRM Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  6. Online Armor is not starting with Windows, and PC is not connecting to the Internet. Every time I start/restart my system, I must manually start Online Armor, then initiate the troubleshooting sequence for the network connection in order to connect to the Internet. Afer doing both those things, my Internet connection remains rock solid. Any ideas on a fix for theser two (possibly unrelated) conditions? DRM Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  7. I installed the trial versions on Online Armor on my and my wife's laptops, which are connected via the Windows 7 home group (Windows networking for file and device sharing). With Online Armor installed, we cannot access each other's shared drives, though shared printers work normally. Turning off Oline Armor solves the problem. Both systems are 64-bit using Windows 7 Home Premium. Online Armor was downloaded two days ago, 30 May 2014, and is in Trial mode. Both systems use Emsisoft Antimalware, paid-for versions. Advcie on getting Online Armor working with Windows 7 networking will be appreciated. Thank you, DRM
  8. Thank you, Mr. Zoll. I will do as you sugegst. Duncan
  9. Thank you, Mr. Zoll. I appreciate your time and effort on this! DRM
  10. Mr. Zoll, EEK and FRST files from this morning are attached per your request. ALSO, Emsisoft Antimalware runs every morning on my system. Also attached is a list from yesterday of items quarantined as a result of those scans. Thank you, DRM
  11. Thank you, Mr. Zoll. I'll follow your instructions and get back to you tomorrow. DRM 4-18-14, 20:22 hrs Pacific Daylight Savings Time
  12. Dear Emsisoft, PC scanned per instructions. Files attached as requested. I suspect my PC mayb e infected, despite my precautions. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1. There is nothing blatantly wrong with my system, but suspicious occurrances like Process Explorer not being able to replace Task manager, as was the case for years until the last couple of months. Thank you for anyhelp and advice you can provide. DRM Las Vegas, NV 17 April 2014
  13. Thank you for the reply. Start Center is part of SpyBot Search & Destroy. It's the main interface to its several features. I looked carefully throughout SpyBot S&D and could not find "Tea Timer". So far, no performance problems. In fact, my system has never been more responsive. WHer can I find information on the exclusions you referred to for Malware Bytes and Zone Alarm? Thank you, DRM
  14. Emsisoft Anti-Mailware says it is compatible with other anti-virus programs. I have Emsisoft Anti-Malware v. 7.0 installed in conjunction with Hitman Pro v. 3.7.5, build 197 (64-bit); Spybot Search & Destroy v. 2.0.12.o, Start Center, Malware Pro v., build date 4-14-13; and ZoneAlarm Extreme Security v. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version: Vsmon version: Driver version: Antivirus engine version: AntiSpam version: ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.393.22 ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner: So far , no problems. Should it run normally with this configuration? Thank you, DRM Beautiful, Sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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