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  1. Made it through Combo Fix, OTL Clean up and Ccleaner. Updated Windows and Adobe per Secunia. Deleted files and folders. Thank you.
  2. Had the same problems, then tried (again) updating to a newer version of OTL and the process completed (folder 32788R22FWJFW again still present however) but the process completed. OTL program only runs script, does not allow any options, including CLEANUP. OTL main screen does not appear.
  3. Copied/ pasted OTL.fix, ran fix, re-booted all with Virus and Firewall off, contents of OTL log attached (misnamed file, retained the contents, to save, had to re-save)
  4. All appears back to normal... thank you. I am able to log into my user unimpeded. I am very grateful.
  5. Administrator:cmd.exe Microsoft Windows version... c:\user\kwood\documents\49ffd09e.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file c:\woindows\system32> Exit out that window, black screen.
  6. Antivirus and firewall can be enabled and are back on no issues there. Change users, still an error with that user.
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