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  1. All steps complete, with the exception of the ComboFix Uninstall. It stated it could not find it. However, I completed everything else you suggested and everything appears to be running well again. Thank you so much for all of your help and clear suggestions. I truly appreciate it!
  2. Okay, this step is complete. I attached the OTL log, but I also attached the other notepad that opened after the computer rebooted, in case that is relevant too. Thank you!
  3. Okay, that step complete. Five threats found and text file is attached. Thank you.
  4. FYI - After this restart, things appear to be working properly (so far...)
  5. Okay, this step is complete. I attached the OTL log, but I also attached another notepad that opened after the computer rebooted, in case that is relevant too. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for taking over and offering to help. I ran the OTL scan and the text file is attached. Thanks.
  7. I read your post! Did you read mine? I said I didn't understand! I'm not an expert in this, which is why I needed help. But all you told me was to "re-read" your post. Re-read something I said I didn't understand?? That's helpful!
  8. Thank you for your efforts, but I no longer trust your advice. I'll be seeking help elsewhere for my problem. Emsisoft is a bit of a disappointment.
  9. I'm not sure I understand, are you suggesting I need to repair/reinstall my entire original Windows operating system?
  10. I disabled Norton. Emsi-soft still does not function, icon disappears from the tray when I try to open it, and same MS Office problem persists.
  11. The Norton is anti-virus, and Emsi-soft is anti-malware. The firm that designed and built my computer recommended and always uses this combination, and I understand this should create no conflict. Now back to my problem, the Norton continues to function but Emsi-soft does not. Have you been able to identify the source of my problem thru all of the steps taken thus far? I'm still in need of a solution and explanation why the EMsi-soft product I have purchased is no longer functioining or working. Thank you.
  12. Can you tell me if you have identified my specific problem, and why my Emsi-soft software did not prevent it? Still hoping to find a solution here. Thank you.
  13. Just an FYI that the same problem continues to exist.
  14. Completed this step and zip file is attached. Thank you.
  15. Okay, that is complete and the log is attached. I will reboot after sending this reply and see how it is. Thanks.
  16. Sorry, but the exact same original problem reappeared this morning. Everything was working fine, then suddenly the Microsoft products stopped working again, and Emsi-Soft software "disappeared" again. Should I re-run the Combo-Fix application, or do you have another suggestion? Thank you.
  17. Attached is the combo fix log. I am sending from another computer, because after the affected computer rebooted, nothing, including the internet will open. Check that, after rebooting again, things appear to be working. Sorry if I missed that step.
  18. I have Emsi-Soft anti-malware software on my computer with a current license. I suddenly had a problem where my Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word, Excel) closed and will not re-open. I ran my Norton Anti-Virus scan with no problems reported. I wanted to run an Emsi-Soft scan, but the program does not appear to be working and would not run. When I tried to go to Emsi-soft.com for support, my browser redirected me to other, unrelated websites. This led me to conclude I may have a malware problem. I found and followed the Emsi-Soft emergency kit instructions. However, the scan log showed no problems or results. The OTL notepads are attached. Thank you for your help.
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