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  1. Online Armor was showing up in the Sandboxie software compatibility list. I apply the compatibility settings and now it seems there is no conflict any more. I know they are not anti virus applications.
  2. I unchecked Web Shield, Program Guard, Anti Keylogger and left only Firewall checked and Autohotkey scripts seems are running fine now. But it still blocks Sandboxie. Any solution for that?
  3. I installed recently Online Armor to see how it works and i like it but i am having some problems that i can't fix. I have some Autohotkey scripts that Online Armor is blocking and they can not run. I set Autohotkey as a trusted program but this doesn't fix the problem. Also it blocks Sandboxie and the programs is also set to trusted. When i try to open a file using Sandboxie it shows: SBIE2204 Cannot start sandboxed service RpcSs (-1) I am using Windows XP SP3 and i don't have other antivirus software installed at the moment.