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  1. Hi Thomas, Sorry my reply to you is also slow. I've put the answers with the questions below: Please could you let me know the result if you perform the above two tests with the phone locked. Do you see the "OK" button to confirm the alarm in both cases? - Yes, I see the OK button in both cases. Please could you let us know the following information as well: 1. The Android version used - 6.0.1 2. The version of Emsisoft Mobile Security used - 3.0.1 3. Is there any other security solution installed on the device? No, I have not installed any, but see 4b? 4. a) Please open the settings of your mobile device and choose "Security settings". b) Is Emsisoft Mobile Security listed and enabled as "Device Administrator“ there? Yes, Emsisoft Mobile Security and Android Device Manager are listed there. Regards, Pete
  2. Ok. There is no "OK" button - if the phone is locked. It's there if the phone is already unlocked, and is as you describe, but if the phone is locked the alarm sounds and once I have unlocked there is no message box. I'm using a MOTO G4 with Android and a pattern lock, and in the mode where notifications show on the locked screen. Regards, Pete
  3. What's the easiest why to stop the phone screaming once it has started? I turned the phone off.
  4. That's done the trick. BTW the link doesn't include the safe mode for windows 8.1, but there are other sites that do, and there's a method in the windows help as well. The one I used was to search for, and run, "system configuration" and select the boot option there, then restart.
  5. I have a similar problem, but neither of these suggestions work. There's no move option, and permission is denied when trying to change the a2settings.ini file. Are there any more suggestions?
  6. I think I have the same problem, but there is no "Move" option, and "Access is denied" to the settings file. The position settings are: cNormalLeft=-1005 rcNormalTop=-356 rcNormalRight=-205 rcNormalBottom=219 rcNormalTopLeftX=-1005 rcNormalTopLeftY=-356 rcNormalBottomRightX=-205 rcNormalBottomRightY=219 .
  7. All done, thank you. For information, I'm using windows 8.1 and quite a lot of the instructions were subtly different. For example, the CCleaner options didn't match up, the enable and disable system restore instructions didn't match up with Windows 8.1, and the online software inspector is now the Secunia PSI (I hope) - which emsisoft anti-malware blocked the first download I clicked (was it the right one, or did I select an advert...), but the second time seemed ok!
  8. I've run the scan on a PC for the first time, and it has found a number of items that can't be removed. I also see that the emsisoft icon is not appearing in the task bar. Can you help?
  9. I find that IE crashes or can't-load-page when following links, especially the links to and then back from debit card validation sites. Also BBC I-player download links and a travel insurance application that required leaving the main site to enter specific details on an additional risk. Pausing protection, or disabling surf protection appears to resolve the issue. I'm using Windows 7, IE 10 (update 10.0.5), Emisoft, and windows defender (Client Version: 1.7600.16385 Engine Version: 1.1.9506.0 Antispyware definitions: 1.151.798.0) I'd prefer not to have to turn off the protection, but the break in the connection when completing on-line transactions is not tolerable. Is there a solution?
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