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  1. This is exactly what I 've done and all seems ok, I just asked because I thought that maybe I should remove EAM and install the products via the security pack exe which contains both program installation files.
  2. So you say it's the same if I install the programs via the security pack .exe or seperately using the two installers. Sorry if I repeat, but I want to make sure. Thank you again
  3. Thank you for your immediate answer! Is there any difference in the pack installer?
  4. Hello all! I am new here! I have won Emsisoft Security Pack in giveaway and there were 2 keys sent to my mail (firewall & antimalware). I installed at first EAM about 2 months ago and today I decided to install the firewall application too. Is there any problem with that? I didn't use the security pack installer but the two seperate installers, that's why I 'm asking. I know these are different products, not a suite, but want to make sure it's ok. Thank you!