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  1. Hello, I have been using YUMI to boot ISO's on my setup for a while now with no problems. I was hoping since many programs will run within a WinRE environment, I would be able to add the extracted EEK files to my USB, and then once I had booted into one of my WinRE ISO's, I would be able to launch EEK. Unfortunately, it seems the WinRE environment is missing some files that EEK needs in order to run. When I try to launch EEK either through command line or task manager > run, I get the following error: "The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present.". It was a good idea but trying to proceed from here (especially without knowing what I needed to add to the WinRE in order to get EEK to run) would probably take me more time and trouble than it would be worth. I am not that proficient with recovery environment such as WinPE, BartPE, WinRE and the like. It was worth trying in any case. Thank you for answering all my questions and for the help you provided. It is definitely appreciated on my end.
  2. Hello, I use the multi-boot features of "YUMI" to boot ISO's that use the WinRE of Win 8 Pro x64. I was thinking if I just put the EEK folder onto my multi-boot USB, I would have two choices. First, I could access EEK as it is normally used by while within windows, just access EEK and run it from that USB. Secondly, I could boot into one of my WinRE environments from the multi-boot USB, then access and run EEK from there (that is assuming EEK win run in a standard Win 8 Pro x64 WinRE environment and not require any special drivers). In theory it should work and I will try to do a test run of this in the next few days. Thanks...
  3. Hello Christian, Sorry about that, I thought EEK was bootable and did not realize it must be run from within Windows. I must have missed that fact during my readings about EEK. Do you have any plans for anytime in the future to make EEK in a bootable version? It seems like EEK although an already powerful tool, would be even more powerful running in its own boot environment. I assume then I could just unzip the EEK zip file to a previously created multi-boot USB and still access and run it from within Windows? (I like to maximize usage of storage space on my USB's ) Thanks for your prompt reply and help ...
  4. Hello, I know that EEK is available as a zip file that you can extract to an USB and then boot from. Is there an ISO file that is available to use? I ask this because I like to keep all of my emergency and troubleshooting software on a single multi-boot USB that uses ISO files to boot from (i.e. YUMI). Is this feature available for EEK? Thanks in advance...