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  1. Thanks. Just out of curiosity, is it possible for keyscrambler to have been hijacked by malware?
  2. Hello, I have keyscambler installed. Got an alert for keyscrambler, I allowed the behavior, then got this alert from Anti-malware. Can you please help. Anti-Malware Alert! File name: C:Program Files (x86)\KeyScrambler\KeyScrambler.exe Diagnosis: Program is behaving in a similar manner to Spyware (LAN bypass backdoor) What does this mean? While executing this program, Anti-Malware detected a possibly malicious behavior. The program is attempting a hidden transfer of data to the Internet. If you are sure you want this program to continue its invisible data transfer, allow it. If you haven't intentionally started the program displayed above, then it is a good idea to block the program and possibly also place it in quarantine. If you know what the program is, and are sure that it is not dangerous, then click on [Allow this behavior] or [Exclude from protection].