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  1. RT @CryptoInsane: hxxp://lokipanelhostingpanel.gq/work/worknew/ ... 🧐🧐 https://t.co/Pd7HpgbfHj

  2. RT @malware_traffic: 2018-05-24 - Quick post: Another example of #Trickbot infection spreading from a Windows client to an AD domain contro…

  3. RT @VK_Intel: 5-22-2018: #TrickBot group_tag "pir4" loader -> update to "tt0002" -> new version '1000198' Close to the 200th config iterat…

  4. RT @BleepinComputer: The Week in Ransomware - May 18th 2018 - Mostly Small Variants https://t.co/FSLzQDVcpr

  5. cc @hexlax @James_inthe_box @AdwareHunter @cocaman @malwrhunterteam @trustartech

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  11. #RAT #Remcos https://t.co/VBvo2CyaIA

  12. RT @avman1995: #Malspam #Nanocore Delphi>Eazofuscation>cleaned .NET binary https://t.co/MBc6xnfnpa PDB: https://t.co/sWcKOVnTNV Obfuscated:…

  13. @benkow_ @siri_urz @anyrun_app @dvk01uk Interesting..might look at this in the morning and confirm?! Although I am… https://t.co/I5IpkT2TcP

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  15. @JAMESWT_MHT This is worth making a post about...expect it soon ;)

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