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  1. RT @JRoosen: Seeing new payloads after 18:30. https://t.co/UTYcPbqsG7 /greenfieldacresrealty,com/TrVln/ - /www.voatelecom,com…

  2. RT @avman1995: @James_inthe_box @Techhelplistcom @neonprimetime #AgentTesla definately...same string as before "febcoupon.exe" \AppData\Roa…

  3. RT @MalwareTechBlog: 1) Ask who does infosec for fun. 2) Someone replies with what they do in infosec and why they find it fun. 3) Omg, sto…

  4. #Pony d8ad27323c3770f8a77d7eb7c6d43675 unpacked: https://t.co/mABcthsVyN Interesting strings: conjurement.dll Craxi… https://t.co/GQgkZDTprx

  5. #Pony d8ad27323c3770f8a77d7eb7c6d43675 unpacked: https://t.co/mABcthsVyN Interesting strings: conjurement.dll Craxi… https://t.co/GQgkZDTprx

  6. NSA lost multiple remote 0day's for multiple platforms/architectures then people speculate a company that first DETECTED them is toast.
  7. You have no control over what a user does with your product...no it doesnt make anything worse its definately not the first and definately not the last it can happen to anyone even if emsisoft had a VPN we would have no control what a user does with it.I don't understand what sense does it make with the bypass i am sure there are other vpn products who are being abused for wrong purposes by some users.Dont forget TOR as a browser.Even that is being used for wrong purposes so do you say their company is bad or it makes them look any worse? Its not about the gun its the person behind the gun.That symbol's meaning is upto the person who wears or uses it Anyway,I will leave you to your thoughts.
  8. It's not about any person I know from this very forum.I can say that for sure.You guys are awesome don't get me wrong though and emsisoft is a great company too but this is something I find upsetting personally but I am not out here to pick and scratch.No names as usual just my moral code. 😊 Yes we do have verifiable info but as I said it's verifiable not merely assumed or claimed without checking facts as I done by that person.Half knowledge is dangerous especially when you have a audience.Its not even about avast as a company but about ccleaner,I don't know what they were doing,when I am asked I don't have to lie and it isn't even the first time something like this happened.Avira's website hijack,kaspersky and privacy issues with US,comodo signing malware binaries.I think some of this is being blown out of proportion by security companies and given too much hype. I am sure Talos and some other people in the industry wouldn't come trying to roast piriform if it had never been acquired by avast. Also I find it too much to format a computer even if my system was profiled.What if I even format? The data was still stolen and no way to reverse that.A real extreme recommendation from Talos considering there were hardly 40 systems who got the second payload and most of them belong to tech IT firms not home users.As I said too much hype. My end opinion is if you share Intel with each other and talk at big events,you can also help each other at rough times.The constant slapping back and fourth between Talos and avast was unfortunate and lot of us won't agree with Talos extreme recommendations.
  9. The slapping going on between avast,talos and other people is really what upsets me.None wants to step back and talk about facts.People saying "Avast lied about the part where they said no ccleaner has got the second payload" when avast in their latest blog stated only 40 systems (most in big tech firms) did get second payload and that too based on geological locations. Also when I heard from a emsisoft employee in public say "Avast is going to get alot of shit for this and they totally deserve it" or something along those lines..I am terrified and disgusted.Dirty Marketing cash-in. So you share Intel and samples among other vendors and when someone suffers setback one of your employee comes out bad mouthing trying a dirty cashing in on the event without checking facts that the avast and piriform infrastructure was different and piriform was under attack even before avast bought it.Avast never changed piriform dynamics (probably company ethics). Honestly,I expected much better from someone who is in the squad circle.I won't take name in public but even if it is a personal opinion,being a employee of a esteemed company like emsisoft and bad mouthing other vendors is not professional by no standards.Especially when you have people like fabian and polartoffee. We have to fight against criminals not against each other.People are forgetting morals.
  10. Same question I have too. Any help is appreciated!
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