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  1. I will post any feedback that I might have on the beta for you.
  2. GT500, I upgraded to the Beta and that fixed these internal processing errors I was getting. Thanks again for the help.
  3. GT500, I will give this a try and see what happens and will update the group after working with it for a period of time. Thanks for the help.
  4. I'm running Windows 8.1 and have the same problem. I have rebooted several times and I still get this same error. Hopefully there will be an update fix soon.
  5. Elise, At this time I see no problems and would like to close this. Thanks for your help.
  6. I ran the Adwcleaner program and the file below has been added. I have never seen the YSearchUtil before so that one is new for sure. AdwCleanerC1.txt
  7. When using Internet Explorer I do get a window at the bottom of IE that does ask if I want to change my search engine and I say No and it will keep coming up until I go to another web page sometimes. Maybe this Malware is what is causing this window at the bottom of IE at times. Can you suggest a cleaner that might clean out this Malware. I try to keep my computer as clean as I possible can. Thanks for the help.
  8. Once I delete it with Emsisoft it will then show up again a couple of days later. But I'm not having any other problems other than seeing this show up when running a scan with Emsisoft. When I ran the Emsisoft Emergency Kit it showed up with the Malware scan. But I did nothing other than followed the procedures for capturing the logs that you wanted. I have also cleaned the registry with Aces Registry cleaner at other times when this has happened in the past to no avail.
  9. I have the Application.Win32.WSearch(A) that shows up on a Malware scan as No Risk. But I would like to completely remove this Malware. Attached are the requested files and thanks for the help. scan_160810-015501.txt Addition_10-08-2016_02-10-52.txt FRST_10-08-2016_02-10-52.txt
  10. When scanning my pc with Emsisoft I get this Malware that I can delete, but then after a reboot it's back again. It shows that the problem is coming from the C:\\Program Files (x86);Norton 360 Premier Edition; Norton Data;; Definitions; IPSDefs; 20150131.003; IPSeng32.dll file. I'm also working with Norton to see if I can get an answer from them. Thanks for the help. a2scan_150203-130307.txt Addition_03-02-2015_14-16-19.txt FRST_03-02-2015_14-16-20.txt
  11. I had my Netbook setup with the Automatic Updates turned off and I was just updating the Host Rules dat file that GT500 had provided after an update of Emsisoft. I didn't do the timer change on my Dell Netbook. I just updated Emsisoft tonight and turned on the Automatic Updates and it downloaded all of the latest updates and I started the scan and it worked. I then closed out of Emsisoft and started it backup again and it came up without any errors. I then rebooted the computer and after the computer had completed booting up there were no errors. I then started Emsisoft without any problems, did another update, did a scan and it worked fine. I then did another update just to make sure that I had all of the updates and that went fine and I did another reboot and the boot went without any errors. I then started Emsisoft again without any problems, did another update without problems, and ran another scan with no problems. From my standpoint the Application Starting Error Problem that I was having has been resolved at this time for my Dell Netbook. Thanks GT500 for your help.
  12. I added in the Host Rules file and that did fix it on my Dell Netbook and with the Auto updates turned off I was able to reboot and Emsisoft still worked. So my plan is to leave the Auto updates turned off and just once or twice a day do a manual update and then add in the Host Rules file after the update. Thanks for the information GT500 and the temporary work around. Let me know if you need any logs from me and I will see if I can get you some. And I'm running the version other than the Host Rules file now. I would just need to turn on updates to get back to the original to capture logs. Jerry822
  13. I'm having the same problem on 1 out of 3 computers. On the computer with the problem I have removed Emsisoft in Programs and Features , deleted the directory in Program Files (86), then I ran Aces Registry Cleaner. I rebooted then ran the setup for Emsisoft and still had the same problem. I then tried older Emsisoft versions such as 5 & 6. But I will list below what computers I have and the OS's and which one has the problem. Dell XPS with Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit running Emsisoft with no problems. Dell Alienware M17X Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with no SP's and running Emsisoft with no problems Dell Inspiron 1090 Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium with SP1 32bit and with Emsisoft I can't run any version due the updates that it performs as it's loading and it adds in the latest updates that then causes this application problem. From the initial finish point it works, but from then on it will not start and gets this problem that many are seeing. I have not been able to capture any logs. I have Norton 360, SpywareBlaster, and Emsisoft running on all 3 machines, except of course the one now since the last updates.
  14. I tried the Win + R and it didn't do anything. I tried it at the logon screen and at various points in the boot up with no results. So I fortunately had the F8 key enabled in the Legacy mode on Windows 8, so that I could go into Repair. Then in Repair I went into Advanced and then into Restore and restored an Image from yesterday. After booting I was able to login and get into windows completely. So at this time I'm going to go through and test the programs that were initially affected by the programs deleting files. And after I prove everything out, I'm going to just leave it alone at this time. The file that was causing the original problem is removed, so that fixed that problem. Thanks again for the help.
  15. I copied the OTLfix.txt information into the OTL Custom Scans/Fixes box at the bottom of the OTL. Then I clicked on the Run Fix and the script ran and then rebooted. But after the reboot I went to Login into Windows and it came back with "The RPC server is unavailable". I tried this several times with the same response. The only option that it gave me was to put in a USB drive with the Password Reset Wizard on it of which I don't have that wizard. Now I didn't try to go into Save Mode, so I don't know if I can get into that or not. But fortunately I had two backup Raid 0 drives that were backedup about 10 days ago. So I swapped out the drives and updated these drives and so now here I am. So at this time I can't login into Windows with the other two drives. How do I resolve this RPC server issue?
  16. I have run more deep scans with Emsisoft and things look good. I have also tested programs that had some things deleted by the programs that were run for infected file removal. And I have not found any problems at this time. Here is the OTL that you had asked for. Thanks
  17. I did some digging around and I went into Safe Mode and checked Explorer looking for this file that Emsisoft was pointing to in this location Windows\System32\sstunst3.exe. It didn't show up so I went to Windows\sysWOW64\sstunst3.exe and found this file and removed it. Then I booted into Windows and ran Emsisoft with Deep Scan and it didn't find any files at all. So it looks like this fixed the problem. I will keep checking things and testing out all of the software that these programs might have affected in removing various software. Thanks again for all of your help and time.
  18. I have now finished with the Combofix and after running these programs, I then ran Emsisoft Deep Scan and this Trace File still shows up in the scan. I tried to delete and quarantine it and it still failed. What is the next step? Thanks again for the help.
  19. I have run the adwcleaner.exe and attached the log file below. I'm now going to run the Combo-Fix.exe and will reply and attach the log when completed. Thanks for the help.
  20. I can't delete or quarantine this file with Emsisoft and need help to remove it. Thanks for the help. Emisisoft: Antispyware: Norton 360, Spyware Blaster Version 5.0
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