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  1. hi i installed emsisoft on fresh copy of windows 10 pro 64 bit and one process is taking huge amount of ram screenshot attached before installing emsisoft it was around 5-15 mb now it goes up to 800 mb
  2. i already installed emsisoft on fresh copy of windows and till now no problem
  3. the update never complete so there is no logs the issue is the same as redactor said
  4. is there any one from emsisoft tell us if this is abug and will be fixed or not ?
  5. hey there i have problem with emsisoft internet security that is un able to update if the computer was turn off for along time let's say 13 hours or more it shows it's updating through UI but it keeps shoeing this like for ever screenshot available the only solution was to turn off emsisoft and run it again i hope to solve this as soon as possible
  6. the update contain (e_spyw.XXX) and (emalware.XXX) is bitdefender update right ?
  7. i mean emsisoft detection rate i don't mean host and whitelist update !!1 another thing is there any limitation in some emsisoft license ... i mean that some license have access to one engine and others have license to two engine sorry for all Questions
  8. hello, i haven't seen definition update for emsisoft engine for along time and all the detection is done by bitdefender only is emsisoft is going to remove it's own engine if not why emsisoft engine didn't receive an update for along time ???
  9. win 10 ...... i don't prefer using two security software
  10. emsisoft should say what is new at least some user should know
  11. hi i read all change log for emsisoft till jul and i notice that it all only improved of something or fixed abug and there isn't any thing new expect Detection of zombies
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