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  1. Hi Tom, Unfortunately when i rightclick and try to open the antivirus I get an error massage saying that it is being prevented from being opened. Is there a way to cancel Combofix? or will i have to run it with the antivirus on? thanks, iriane
  2. Hi Tom, I started combofix, but it then warned me to turn off my anti-virus software. It seems to be blocking my from opening the antivirus software, though. It has come up with a warning that it will continue to run with the anti-virus, at my own risk, but there is no "cancel" option. Is there a way to stop combofix so i can disable the anti-virus? Thanks, iriane
  3. Hi Tom, here are the log files after i have completed the steps below. can you explain if we have progressed any here? or are we just eliminating possible causes? Thanks, iriane
  4. Hi Tom, Thanks for helping me out. I understand all the rules please find the FRST logs attached. iriane
  5. Hi Team, have used Stinger, Malwarebytes and EEK to try and get rid of a recent ukash ransom virus on my PC. There is one trojan left that EEK can find, but not quarantine or delete. I have attached the EEK and OTL logs for your reveiw. Thanks, iriane
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