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  1. Any progress about that issue? Can Emsisoft Internet security coexist with VirtualBox 5.x, working and without bluescreens? Thx and regards.
  2. Thanks, did check these tools: I am sorry but all of them do not allow requested content-/ web-filter with regexpr for urls like *server.tld ... In my opinion it is possible to block ip addresses only, but not by server names like server.tld or www.server.tld , isn't it? In case of load balancing server farms (for example google, microsoft, facebook ...) it is not possibleto enter all necessary ip addresses, too much. Any experience about this?
  3. I do not need a recommendation but a list of personal software firewalls knowns as fully compatible with EAM on Win7/win8.1. Regards.
  4. I am sorry but windows firewall doesn't allow requested content-/ web-filter with regexpr for urls like *server.tld ...
  5. Danke soweit. Gibt es die Möglichkeit, z.B. über ein Webportalbei vorhandener Lizenz diese zu 'managen(Verlängern, Rechner switchen, Aufstocken usw.)? Danke + Gruß
  6. Next attempt... I do need VirtualBox for occupational purpose AND want to use Emsisoft Anti-Malware. So this is no problem. But Online Armor isn't working with VirtualBox. Which alternative software firewall are recommended to work in combination with EAM and includes content-/ web-filter with regexpr for urls like *server.tld ? Thx...
  7. Hmmm, wo finde ich diese Lizenzübersicht? Danke + Gruß
  8. Another half a year has gone... Any news about this issue? Still no coexisting of VirtualBox ("VirtualBox Bridged Networking driver") and OnlineArmor? From v4.3.14 on VirtualBox has intoduced new software architecture with 'hardened' security layer, so perhaps there is a new chance of getting it running!?
  9. Bridged network: Yes one is using it: It is a virtualized terminalserver, access from RDP clients is tested by local network connection in same lan mask (e.g. 192.168.1.x) It meens: host and guest (=terminalserver in VB) are in same subnet 192.168.1.x. And guest (=terminalserver in VB) needs access to wan/internet for updating... Other mode instead of "Bridged networking" possible for this purpose, which doesn't interact with OA?
  10. Thanks, but menu item "Mit Emsisoft Anti-Malware scannen" is featured both in 32bit and 64bit section of right click context menu... And TotalCommander is usually used as 32bit-application because some of the most needed TC- plugins are only available in 32bit. So: What is the difference between EAM and OA?
  11. Pls see attached screenshots: If using wide spreaded TotalCommander 64bit, right click context menu shows "Eingeschränkt öffnen" (restricted access), correct way! (tc64.jpg) If using TotalCommander 32bit, right click context menu shows "Eingeschränkt öffnen" (restricted access) only in X64-sub menu. In usual 32bit context menu this option is missing! (tc32.jpg) OS: Win7prof 64bit, OA How to solve this issue? Thx...
  12. Thanks for further explanation. Which kind of connections uses "VirtualBox Bridged Networking driver" in VirtualBox? Is is possible to access local lan *without* NAT and without "VirtualBox Bridged Networking driver"? (VirtualBox and VB-host in same subnet, e.g. 192.168.1.x) Is is possible to access wan/internet with NAT and without "VirtualBox Bridged Networking driver"? Thanks once more, hoping, that EAM will meet my requirements...
  13. So for clarification: Oracle's VirtualBox is now running on same machine Emsisoft OA or Emsisoft Internet security 9 is installed? Emsisoft install should be made before installation of VirtualBox as decribben above? This issue is the only one that keeps me away from Emsisoft... Thx...
  14. Kurze Nachfrage: arbeitet man üblicherweise als 'Benutzer', wie kann man für diesen Benutzer einstellen, dass dieser zum Abschalten des Wächters oder zum Beenden von Emsisoft-AM ein Passwort eingeben muss? Setze ich (als Administrator) auf der Seite 'Berechtigungen' ein Passwort und melde mich dann als Benutzer an, kommt beim Abschalten des Wächters eben keine Passwort-Abfrage, das Programm lässt sich einfach beenden!? vlt. Screenshot mit de Einstellungen? Danke...
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