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  1. Success Tried all suggestions above and still could not get Opera to work, Was ready to call it quits. However your last post did the trick. So far it seems to work. Thanks for all your time and effort in finding a solution to my problem. Thanks again!
  2. Am using OA in standard mode. Just loaded Opera 15.0.1147.130 which is supposed to be their stable version. Still same problem. Will only work if HIPS feature is disabled. .
  3. Thanks GT500 for your suggestions. Everything is set up for trusted and allowed. After Further expermenting, I found by closing the hips setting Opera works perfectly. So there is some problems in the hips files. Could not find anywhere to find hips settings and if I did won't know what to do. Also by closing hips this also closes the web shield, program guide and anti-keylogger features. It only runs the firewall. So I guess there is some bug in the hips file. Any suggestions how to correct this problem?
  4. Am using Windows XP with SP3, OnLine Armor Prem- Down loaded and using Opera Next 15.0.1147.100. If I have OA on, and start up Opera Next, I get the speed dial page and then nothing works. If I turn off OA and start up Opera Next it works perfectly. Checked OA settings and everything is approved for Opera Next. Any suggestions on how to use Opera Next with OA turned on?