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  1. hi there so i have been puttering around with ES FW OA (emsisoft firewall online armor) for around a year at least, some how it feels like a lot longer i have found that it is common in different installations, different hardware configurations that the OA gets bogged down I have to leave the internet on, AND while it is on, turn off OA, then turn it on again, if i turn off my internet connection while rebooting OA this process will not work as you can imagine this necessity of leaving my internet connection totaly unprotected for 25 seconds is very distressing for me i am very currious as to the cooperation between ES and the US GOV as to the possabilities of ES giving them back doors is this a "never going to happen" or "already happening" arangment? asking as a potential customer i had been planning on investing in the bit defender program, but looking at a few things recently has changed my mind 1) thier not making a public statment that is unmistakable about their stand 2) ES has recently beat them is a defence competition! very impressive as BD is no joke! 3) i have been working with the OA product long enough to feel that if I could get rid of the slowing my connection down, i'd rather stick with what i am familiar with
  2. i found the answer. thanks for the help.
  3. howdy. i am very new to OA i am wanting to know if there is a list of diagnostics i can examin to find why OA is restricting my internet access? as for the list of what is or is not running on my PC, only avast has (primarily) unrestricted access. all other maintanance and protection programs run ONLY with permissions, according to very strict regulations. whene i am running OA i am only using that and avast, as i am still i the learning mode i am using the win7 X64 OS.
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