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  1. ... Then do that, if I can't get any other logfiles?
  2. Hi, I can't find any other logfile..? Quarantine_150703-140358.txt Scan_150703-140229.txt
  3. Well, can't find anything else..?
  4. Thanks for the information. :-) Just re-installed my computer so that has also been solved. (Was advised by Kevin)
  5. It must be the scan log.. there is no other scan log? Scan_150702-124339.txt
  6. Hi, Following system has a rootkit what didn't get deleted. Addition.txtFRST.txtScan_150701-140812.txt I see also that .txt files open in Adobe Reader..? System is not of myself.
  7. Hi, Is there a way to delete quick multipe-lines in the Surf Protection of Emsisoft Internet Security? Because keep pressing delete is something what goes slow. Maybe I need make a empty host file and upload it? Update: I'm talking here about my own rules.
  8. So if Bitdefender dectect it, you can report it here?
  9. Done. Can be closed. Thank you for the help.
  10. Will do it on a later time, can I delete the tools using Delfix. If yes thanks for the help then you can close this topic. :-) Will wait for Windows 10, gets a clean install option.
  11. Yeah in a few weeks, but need to search for all drivers.
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