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  1. You are still not supply me what I asked for.

    The logs you are sending from EEK are not what I asked for, send me the correct logs or I will terminate this support request.



    Then do that, if I can't get any other logfiles?

  2. Emsisoft Anti-Malware uses two scanning engines. Our own scan engine (A), and BitDefender's scan engine (B). Scanning inside of archive (such as RAR archives) is a feature of BitDefender's scan engine, and only things detected by the BitDefender engine will be detected in the contents of archives without first extracting them.

    So if Bitdefender dectect it, you can report it here?

  3. It could be driver issues, and then it could be hardware failing. Reinstalling may do the trick.

    Will do it on a later time, can I delete the tools using Delfix.


    If yes thanks for the help then you can close this topic. :-)


    Will wait for Windows 10, gets a clean install option.

  4. Yes files that are zipped in an archive can't do any damage as they have no way to execute and infect the system unless they are extracted.

    True but Emsisoft will also detect zipped files which are infected and if you don't trust it you can check it on Virustotal and when it's not detected you can make a submisson of it here. Just attach the files as a .zip or .rar file and it will be reviewed.


    When you got new samples just attach them again in a reply of your own topic. :-)

    Best of luck!

  5. If you have a graphics card installed on a system that has on-board graphics, then you need to make sure your graphics card is configured to handle everything.

    And how do I do that?




    About the numlock; when I put it on when the computer shuts down (it turns itself) off, it is on at startup, can I do it automatic?

  6. We don't have ETA's for releases (beta or otherwise), since it isn't really possible to set an ETA and stick to it while maintaining the same level of quality. I know our developers are working hard on getting those firewall issues addressed, so hopefully it won't be too much longer before we have a public beta to address issues like this.

    Hey it has been resolved. ;-)

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