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  1. This must be the logfile, now doing the SFC /SCANNOW again. SFCFix.txt
  2. Yes your right, I'm sorry. Need to read beter, but is hard when stressed.
  3. I'm Transgender and I'm proud!

  4. SFCFix.txt Re-runned SFC /SCANNOW and result: sfcdetails.txt Does it look good/beter now?
  5. Well, I didn't know that (even that fix) and will do it. Logfile is comming.
  6. Logfile of SFC /SCANNOW CBS.log sfcdetails.txt No idea which one you need.
  7. And had again problems, when does that Beta-fix comes out?
  8. Someone else installed EAM or EIS with your special link? If yes, send a PM to Thomas Ott with your license key he can extend it. See answer under me. Or did you install a trial version by yourself what you have used before? If that, the trial license will continue from the days you got left. Please do NOT share any licenses in public!
  9. Laptop had a normal shutdown today. Startup is also a lot faster now. :-)
  10. Hi, Not sure if this information can help also; but when I shutdown Windows the screen goes off but laptop keeps on. Here is the requested attachment; virusinfo_syscheck.zip; I hope I did it correct. virusinfo_syscheck.zip
  11. Problem was back again, reboot solved it.
  12. Oh.. :c But you need the FRST log? And how long do I have before a lock?
  13. Will do that tomorrow if I got time. Shutting down computer takes very long.
  14. Hello, AdwCleaner didn't find anything so I didn't choose for the delete option, hope that's ok? AdwCleanerR3.txt Here is the JRT logfile. JRT.txt I'm scared to reboot, because it takes very long and sometimes I get a black screen and need reboot different times. I rebooted it, goes good but when I start up he needs search for WiFi what takes long before I logon can that faster?
  15. Hi, Computer runs very slow, want to be sure It's malware free. I tried a scan with my EIS but it frozen on 80%, sorry about that! Addition.txt and FRST.txt are added as attachment. Also my disk usage is 100%; lot is in use by System. It's now normal. ;o Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_150617-172139.txt
  16. Hello, Yes you can update to Emsisoft Internet Security; I did it also. You will need to wait for an Emsisoft Employ (did I spell it right) who will help you. Emsisoft Internet Security is the new EAM with OA. Online Armor will not get any updates in if I'm correct 2016. Does this answer your questions?
  17. No I don't (I think), but thanks for the information. If the problem comes back I will inform you.
  18. Well, I didn't have any problems; even my PC is running much faster now. Was there a update what resolved it?
  19. We talk in PM, you can close this. Time for bed now.
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