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  1. Hi, Can my mom then keep using EAM? If yes I can think of it.
  2. Well, any suggestions to let me mother buy a license for herself?
  3. Today I didn't have the problem, but I'm sure it comes back.
  4. There is no place like

  5. Yes, but you can't renew (read: upgrade) the trial?
  6. Hello, When you have a license you can get some discount when you renew. My mother has a 30 days trial version but I don't see the option to renew it. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Charyb, Yes, since the "Buy Now" Button () goes to the Emsisoft shop itself. But you can also buy it from the Emsisoft website it self; it's the same price.
  8. Hi, Is it possibole that this only is when I put my laptop on from sleepmodus?
  9. No, I'm not awesome.

  10. Rebooted and did again, I'm having internet now... no idea for how long, keep you up-dated!
  11. Progam doesn't response when I do and I lost internet fully.
  12. Another update; even in WiFi networks what aren't protected (bus, train) I don't have problems.
  13. Infections which aren't found by Emsisoft can you report here. If you already have a topic you can post in a response new not found malware, otherwise open a topic. See the guidelines. About AdwCleaner, that are browser extensions which are removed, pretty sure that Emsisoft and others don't search for that, same if for IE proxy settings. Edit: I see that you don't have a Malware Submission topic, so if you read the guidelines you can click here to open a topic.
  14. It connects automaticly but says it's limited. I get it only at home.
  15. Hi, I've upgraded to EIS from EAM but I'm having some problems with my Wireless connection; I need to plugin a cable to get the wireless working, didn't have this problem before. DNS settings are not changed.
  16. It was on a other system what I gave a clean install...
  17. Dear community, Yesterday I've reinstalled a laptop because the Windows was broken. After installation I installed Emsisoft Anti-Malware using my own special link but I didn't receive my free 30 days after update. I've checked it again and still no extra days for free. Is there a bug somewhere or am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Mark de Jager
  18. So do you suggest it for a normal home user?
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