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  1. Sorry for the delay. Yes, I ran it and am attaching the log here.
  2. I am sorry but I could not find the Combofix download button on the link you provided.
  3. Thank you. Please find attached the log. I wanted to let you know that I do not think that the computer is fully clean, because every now and then, a popup screen will pop open saying "VAIO Messenger needs to close in order to apply an update. It will automatically restart once the update has been applied." I find it to be very fishy and haven't clicked on the popups at all, because the window does not look real, it looks really transparent and the appearance does not match that of my normal browser windows. Also, I've never used VAIO messenger before and usually whenever an app is open/active, an icon is displayed on my VAIO downbar but this hasn't been the case when the popup appears. Also, when I did the EET scan, there was a little notice saying something along the lines of that the scan may not be fully effective because an anti-virus was detected. I clicked the notice to see more about it and it showed that my Kaspersky Internet Security was detected by EET. I then went to find it on my computer to turn it off and disabled it even though it had been a trial version that expired a year ago anyways. I don't know if having Kaspersky even though it is outdated affected the scan but I thought you should know about this anyway..
  4. Do you know how long the program will take to run? When will I know that it is over?
  5. Hello, Please help me clean up my pc. I ran the EEK and OTL and am attaching the logs. I could not find the Extras.txt log at all, even when searching for it through my pc and when looking in the C: drive. I have no idea where else to look for it so I am attaching what I have.