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  1. Really, that's very intersting and surprising actually. I am going to unistall it and see how far I get. Thanks for the tip!
  2. I recently had some issue with my pc which you so kindly and professionaly helped me sort out and you said it was down to multiple installs of java and thus a security flaw saw malware through to my pc. Now I am having messages pop up ( in my desktp bar on the bottom right ) saying of update Java is ready to be installed ( with a coffee cup as a symbol ) I am also having ( at start upp ) a different message pop up on screen ( TOP LEFT ) a black window asking me to download java update. Which one should I be downloading if any?
  3. Downloaded!!! Signed Up!!! Sorted!!! So I just want to show complete appreciation for all your help Many Thanks
  4. yes i'm still hasving problems with windows live mail ( desktop ). I do usually refuse or reject such tool bars however the ladt few time, even though I rejected it still installed, I think it was calles mixi dj so I was wondering if there was a way to block any changes or take overs... ps I have recommended many people to you - do you do an affiliate system?
  5. ok cleaned the disk, what I mean by not being able to see emails is I use a desktop ( local ) email viewer ( like outlook ) only it's windows live mail. Since doing all the scans etc I cannot view any emails. Opening windows live mail desktop opens and downloads all my emails and shows all unread emails in the left pane. Clicking on an email should then reveal the email in the right pane however the right pane is now always blank. Double clicking the email, so to open it in a new window just shows a black window. Anyway, is eveything ok now? Many thanks for all your help and how do i block third parties trying to take over my default browser settings?
  6. oh yea sorry I keep forgetting, it seems a little slow and I cannot see any emails in my windows live mail desktop. Clicking on an email from there just shows a blank email, I have to sign into hotmail to see my emails and my other emails clients to view any mails otherwise everything else seems ok and files and folders now open without a problem
  7. oh sorry about that. I've renamed this to make sure it's the scan I just did
  8. here's the new otl scan - also since signing on this morning, I use windows live mail desktop ( it's a bit like outlook ). All my emails have downloaded but clicking on all emails is showing a blank screen to the left. Double clicking email ( opening them in a new pane ) still shows blank Many thanks for your help on this. I do hope things are running smoothly so far
  9. my virgin media just gave me a message that is detected a trojan in my downloads and it has deleted it. I'll run another otl scan now
  10. should I run scan or dd that txt file aove and run fix?
  11. All done, the only thing was that Java 7 update 9 is not in contrpl panel>uninstall programms but if I do a search in start is shows in programmes see olt file attached also