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  1. Sent the logs through PM. Check it.
  2. Of course, here are the logs. (Additional debug info enabled, firewall in Advanced mode). Sorry if it is a little bit too big, I turned it on, then surfed the Internet untill dns problem appeared (in the end of log file I guess). Hope that this will help you to solve the problem.
  3. All the flags in Debug settings were turned on.
  4. Well, I rebooted my PC, turned on Debug mode in Online Armor, then just surfed the Internet and waited until the problem appeared. Then turned off Debug mode, rebooted my PC and sent you the "Logs" folder.
  5. Yes. I have Online Armor and the problem still exists. And also I am using Windows 7 x64 for now, it is all the same as it was on Windows 8 x64.
  6. I thought that the problem was with my Windows. Today I reinstalled my Windows back to Windows 8 (previously I used Windows 8.1 Preview) and I've got exactly the same problem with Online Armor. Also I can add that shutting down Online Armor doesn't help. But if I deinstall it problem dissapears immediately (without reboot).
  7. No, I don't. If I close or remove Online Armor errors dissapear immediately after closing\removing.
  8. No matter what application I use (which requires an Internet connection) I have the same problem: After 10-15 minutes of using Internet such an error occures: Quote Or in Yandex Browser I have this error: Quote It is the same. And after that I cannot access Internet at all. Also my network icon on taskbar indicates that there is a problem with network. Only reboot of my PC helps me but after a short period of time this error repeats. I cannot use Internet, it always blocks me with such DNS errors.
  9. For me it is Yandex Browser - this is browser developed by, popular amoung Russia, and it is on Chromium engine so I think that you can add the same workaround as for Chrome to the surf protection. Because as for now (V8.0.0.10) there is a problem with it, there are dozens of entries within DebugView per second related to this browser.